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Negro Laughing Song (78)

This one-sided 78 RPM record was in a recent collection of records I acquired. It is a song that was hugely popular in its day, approximately 1909.

It was recorded by the artist many, many times since there was no mass reproduction available. Every copy of this record was recorded live by the performer, up to 40,000 times (and possibly fifty-six times in one day). It would be considered the first popular song written and performed by a black musician.

The artist is George Washington Johnson.

However, the label on this old record does not list the artist but I am confident that this is indeed George W. Johnson. You can read more about this recording and George Washington Johnson by clicking here.

You can listen to this old recording by clicking the player below.

Oxford Disc Record

Negro Laughing Song
Laughing Song

Patented Dec. 10, 1901, Nov. 25, 1902, Jan. 2, 1906, Feb, 11, 1908, Nov. 30, 1909.
Other patents pending.

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