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Swing, You Sinners
This disc is a 12" 33-1/3 RPM recording of the soundtrack to a Fleischman cartoon called "Swing, You Sinners." I recently obtained this production reel from an elderly gentleman. The label says:

Production Reel
No. T-03

Recorded by Victor Talking Machine Co
Paramount Pictures

Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation

Warning: Use of this DISC is limited to the sound version of the photoplay for which produced and for which Exhibitor holds licenes for sound reproduction from Paramount.

There is a "Times Played" counter around the edge of the label, which someone has crossed out 1-3 (it goes to 40).

In the Inner Groove, there is an etching:

"Swing, You Sinners"  PT 0-3-1-4

Copyright 1930

Take #4

Interestingly, the recording groove starts in the Inner Groove. You can only play it from the inside. There is a marking on the groove that says simply "start", with an arrow pointing to the single groove that runs around the outer edge and starts the recording. The recording itself is not in the best shape, pretty noisy but that's to be expected. It was sitting in a shed, wrapped in newspaper dated 1982.

Unfortunately, there is a chunk of record missing at the end of the recording, so it skips a bit.

To listen to this recording, click play on the player below:

To watch this cool, old cartoon on YouTube, click below:

"Swing, You Sinners"

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