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The Sound of Music


Rodgers & Hammerstein’s
The Sound of Music
Design Records



Rodgers & Hammerstein's
The Sound of Music

Featuring Bill Heyer, Jane A. Johnston and Children’s Chorus


1. The Sound of Music (4:05) - 
Jane A. Johnston

2. Maria (2:36) - 
Bill Heyer

3. My Favorite Things (3:02) - 
Jane A. Johnston

4. Do Re Mi (2:16) - 
Jane A. Johnston & Children’s Chorus

5. Sixteen Going On Seventeen (2:18) - 
Jane A. Johnston & Bill Heyer


1. How Can Love Survive?
(2:57) - 
Jane A. Johnston & Bill Heyer

2. So Long, Farewell
(2:50) - Children’s Chorus

3. An Ordinary Couple
(3:04) - Jane A. Johnston & Bill Heyer

4. Climb Ev’ry Mountain
(2:38) - Jane A. Johnston & Bill Heyer

5. Finale

Williamson Music, Inc. (ASCAP)

A Design *CP Long Playing Album in Spectra-Sonic-Sound


Here is your Christmas present for this year, and a great one it is. “The Sound of Music” is a charming and what’s most important, a great musical show. The story is about the world famous Trapp Family Singers of Austria.

The entire show takes place in Austria, in 1938 when a young postulant, Maria Rainer, is sent to serve as a governess tot he seven motherless children of Captain Von Trapp. Seven lonely children, two boys and five girls, confront Maria Rainer and she learns the need of showing them love and freeing them from the ultra strict navy discipline of their widowed father. Maria not only wins their affection but brings joy, laughter and music into the home and love for herself and Captain Von Trapp.

Maria, frightened, returns to her Abbess. The Mother Abbess helps Maria by making her return. The Captain who had been planning to marry a charming, wealthy widow, marries Maria because of his now deep felt love. There is a wonderful wedding and procession. A brief honeymoon interrupted by the Nazi Anschluss and the escape of the Trapp family over the mountains to freedom.


NOTE FOR STEREO FANS: The Hi-Fidelity excellence of the enclosed monaural DESIGN LP record permits this to be played on all STEREO phonograph equipment with an amazing degree of “in depth” sound reproduction.


Is the ultimate in hi-fidelity. Recording studios both here and in Europe are chosen for sound and technical excellence. Telefunken, RCA, Altec, and Capps condenser microphones are used either singly or in battery to transfer all of the shadings of the music to the Ampex model 300 tape recorders. These recorders produce a low frequency limit of 16 CPS and a high frequency limit of 25,000 CPS with minimum distortion. Although the full spectrum of sound which we have placed on these records might not be evident to your ear, DESING’S audio engineers have proven that these shadings or “felt” and are missed when not present. The masters are cut on Scully lathes with Westrex feed back cutters to produce a disc exceptionally free of surface noise. RIAA crossover is at 500 CPS. Rolloff, 13.75 DB at 10 KC.

  • CP...CP is DESIGN’S designation of controlled production. In pressing these albums in its own plants DESIGN controls the number of impressions each metal stamper will make. Since the stamper is the final metal part used to produce the grooves, and indeed, the final pressing of each record, it is important that it not be allowed to wear excessively before being replaced. CP assures you of receiving a perfect record every time that you choose a DESIGN LP.

33 1/2 Long LP Play


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