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A Gift From A Flower
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a gift from a flower to a garden

MONO L2N 6071


Original 1967 double-album liner notes

Oh, what a Dawn Youth is Rising to.

With all the Love in my Heart I bequeath this gift from one flower to many.

I wish only to enhance and beautify the days of youth that in doing so their young minds be filled with pleasant images.

“Phonograph the First” may be described as music for my age group, an age group which is gently entering marriage.

The children of the dawning generation are already being born.
To these dear “little ones” I bequeath the second phonograph record.

A new born child is a pure and Holy flower and it is possible to tend and water this child-plant with due care and attention that it may blossom and seek the Sun.

It is only Right.

I honestly believe my generation is a blessed* one and that we will tend to these newborn ones, so fresh from God’s lips.

We shall fill their days with fairies and elves and pussys and paints, with laughter and song and the gentle influence of Mother Nature.

To fulfill this all-important task we ourselves need the children’s tales, once so loved in bygone days.

Tales in song and in books.
Toys of wood and paper.
Homes of warmth and comfort, with love and smiles.

No child shall be lonely.

And so I sing my poems of the beauty I see that all may see and know the re-assurance I know, that God is Love.

I call upon every youth to stop the use of all Drugs and banish them into the dark and dismal places.
For they are crippling our blessed growth.

Must you lay down your Fate
to the Lord High Alchemy
In the hands of the Chalk and the Drug
Magic circles he will spin
and dirges he will sing
through the transparency of a
Queen Ant’s Wing

Yes, I call upon every youth to stop the use of all Drugs and heed the Quest to seek the Sun.

These poems are for youth, that is true, but they are fluid in their nature and may be enjoyed by All.

And I’m sure no adult man or woman will be offended if I direct them to my generation and our children to be.  To the blessed inheritors of all these lands.

New horizons could not be reached in my work had I not the parental assurance of the most advanced recording company.  Epic Records have followed my dreams to these Shores of Song.
For which I thank them deeply.

I do hope you enjoy my new writings.

Thy humble minstrel

* One need only look at our frustrated youth to see the fantastic amount of misdirected energy.


Phonograph Record / The First


Side one

wear your love like heaven

mad john’s escape  2:16

skip-a-long sam 

sun  3:13

there was a time  1:59

Side two

oh gosh 

little boy in corduroy  2:33

under the greenwood tree*  1:53
Words by Wm. Shakespeare and Lewis Carroll

the land of doesn’t have to be  2:32

someone singing 

all works with the exception of * composed and arranged by DONOVAN

Vocals, whistling and guitar – DONOVAN
Electric bass – Cliff Barton
Organ, piano and harpsichord – Mike O’Neil
Drums – Keith Webb
Conga and bongo – Candy John Carr
Flute – Harold McNair
Vibraphone – Mike Carr
Electric guitar – Eric Leese
Electric bass on “someone singing” – Jack Bruce

Phonograph Record / The Second


Side one

Song of the Naturalist’s Wife

The Enchanted Gypsy  3:15

Voyage into the Golden Screen  3:10

Isle of Islay  2:20

The Mandolin Man and his Secret  3:28

Lay of the Last Tinker  1:45

Side two

The Tinker and the Crab

Widow with Shawl (a portrait)  2:57

The Lullaby of Spring  3:22

The Magpie

Starfish-on-the-Toast  2:38

Epistle to Derroll

all lyrical and musical works composed by DONOVAN

The Vocals – guitar and harmonica – DONOVAN
The Flute – Harold McNair
The Drums, Bells, Conga, Turkish and Finger Cymbals – Tony Carr
The Bongos – Candy John Carr
The String Bass – Ken Baldock

All works in this package © 1967 Donovan Music Ltd. © Peer International Corp.
Sole Selling Agent, Peer International Corp. Used by Permission.

Producer – Mickie Most

Engineer – Michael Ross Trevor (CBS Studios, London, England)

Executive Producer – Ashley Kozak

Art Direction – Sid Maurer

Illustration – Mick Taylor and Sheena McCall

Photographic Design – Karl Ferris

Communication – Domains, Northaim, Sussex, England, Britain

MONO L2N 6071

Manufactured By: Epic Records, CBS, Inc., 51 W. 52 Street, New York City.
® “EPIC”, Marca Reg. T.M. Printed in U.S.A.

B2N 171
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