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AlbumLinerNotes.com was created in late 2007 by Rene Rodriguez.

While reading a book by Barney Hoskyns called “Hotel California" about the L.A. music scene in the 60’s and 70’s. Rene decided to compile a collection of the songs referenced in the book but wasn’t able to confirm what versions were accurate (and who played, recorded or wrote the songs). After many, many hours of trying to track down specific information online, he found no accurate source. Another collection that spurred him on was the 12-volume "Complete Motown Singles" collection. These downloads could be purchased on iTunes at a fraction of the cost of the physical CDs but they didn't come with any recording information. What good was that?

This prompted an intense search to find a site that could satisfy his curiosity.  There was none.

There were tons of sites to look at - fan sites, Liner Note sites and other references but none that actually did the job. So he went to work on creating one.  Initially, it was thought that it would simply be a portal to other sites that included the required information. There would prove to be a few problems with that concept - 1) Lack of control of the page. It was quickly realized that sometimes pages disappear or are moved and links no longer work. We would have to continually check and recheck pages to make sure nothing had changed. That would be too time consuming. 2) We were unable to verify the actual completeness of the Notes. That idea was chucked. The first CD added was Lucinda Williams’ “West.”

This site is a never-ending project, a labor of love. There have been a few notable contributors: Steve Eidem has assisted in adding hundreds of CD/LPs over the last couple of years. Mark Weber lent his vast collection of Jazz CDs to be added to the site. Bob Reid scanned and forwarded a bunch of notable releases, most importantly - the Pet Sounds Box Set.  There are hundreds of Liner Notes on the site, and more being added every day.

We'd love to know more about you. Please use the form below to send us a bit of information.

Thanks so much!

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