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Anna Elizabeth Kendrick


Anna Elizabeth Kendrick is a modern-day old-fashioned jazz songbird and composer. She revisits the spirit of the earlier decades of the last century in her song-writing and singing style, particularly embracing the 30's, 40's and 50's. Her arsenal of songs ranges from sophisticated swing to ballads, from blues to cabaret. Anna has a penchant for honest, clever lyrics and catchy, melodic music. She takes inspiration from the likes of Cole Porter, Shirley Bassey, Peggy Lee, Marilyn Monroe, Harold Arlen, June Christy, Mae West, and Julie London, to name a few.

Anna Elizabeth Kendrick started singing and taking voice lessons as a child. She began writing jazz music in her early teens and chose to live out her dream when she moved to New York and started performing her own music and jazz standards in many various notable New York venues. She wrote her first jazz song "Helpless" (track 4 on the album) at the age of fourteen. Anna grew up watching older, classic musicals and movies and fell in love with them and with their music. She especially enjoyed the songs and instrumental tracks from James Bond, Marilyn Monroe and Mae West films and many others, such as "West Side Story," "Oliver," "Chicago," "The Sound of Music" and more. They all helped to cultivate her love for creating her own jazzy and sassy music. There are also elements of patter songs in Miss Kendrick's writing, as she grew up listening to and learning the songs from many of Gilbert and Sullivan's comic operettas.

Anna Elizabeth is very excited to unveil her works, which were recorded with the Jeevan D'Souza Trio whom she currently gigs with in New York City. Jeevan is the keyboardist on all of the tracks. Miguel Mateus is the electric bassist for all of the numbers and was also the sound engineer. Keith Dorgan plays the drums for six of the songs ("Aim to Please," "If You Loved Me," "Where Can I Go?" "In Out Of The Rain," "If I Told You," and "You Were Right"), and Jameel Young was the drummer for the other six titles ("Smokin'," "Helpless," "Hard To Get," "Mind Of My Own," "Glamour Queen," and "She Doesn't Love You"). Enjoy!

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