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Atlantic Records Box
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Atlantic Rhythm and Blues
1947 - 1974

This huge, incredible compilation of music contains eight discs of music. We have only included the song by song annotation from the book. A major portion of the book was artist biographies, most of which can be found online already.

Please see below for links to the volumes. The following is a dedication from the opening of the book from Ahmet Ertegun.

This set documents the highlights of the first 27 years of Atlantic Black Music. It also is a reflection of my early career as a producer of Rhythm and Blues, in the first few years with Herb Abramson, and for many more years (since 1953) with Jerry Wexler, and often with Nesuhi Ertegun.

There isn't room to mention everyone involved in these recordings, but I would like to thank the following: Miriam Bienstock, Tommy Dowd, Arif Mardin, Jesse Stone, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, Ray Ellis, King Curtis, Ollie McLaughlin, Jim Stewart, Klaus Ogerman, Howard Biggs, Stanley Appelbaum, Gary Sherman, Rick Hall, Buddy Killen, Quinn Ivy, Huey Meaux, Dickie Kline, Joe Galkin, and Henry Stone; and of course, Henry Allen, Noreen Woods, and Max Silverman, without whom it would not have been possible.

Most of all, I want to state my appreciation for the many wonderful years I spent with Jerry Wexler making these now historic recordings.

Ahmet Ertegun



Compilation Produced by Bob Porter and Aziz Goksel
Executive Producer: Ahmet Ertegun

Booklet Notes: Peter Grendysa (Words On Music Ltd) Volumes 1-4 and Robert Pruzer (R&B Editor, Goldmine) Volumes 5-8.

Digital Mastering Engineers: Zal Schreiber and Steve Innocenzi
Digital Transfer Engineers: Bobby Warner and Jimmy Douglass
Art Director: Bob Defrin

Cover Art: Fred Otnes
Re-packaging: Reiner Design Consultants, Inc.
Photo Credits: Institute of Jazz Studies, Rutgers University; Atlantic Records Archives.

The producers would like to thank Ahmet Ertegun, Jerry Wexler, Nesuhi Ertegun, David Glew, Joel Dorn, Arif Mardin, Henry Allen, Chrissy Allerdings, Yves Beauvais, David Dedeaux, Bob Defrin, Jimmy Douglass, Tunc Erim, Elliott Federman, Ellen Fitton, David Fleming, George Freeman, Arline Gidion, Amy Goldstein, John Hanssen, Michael Mazzarella, Doug Morris, Barbara Patralites, Tommy Ridgley, Mark Schulman, Frank Tabino, Bobby Warner, Marilu Windvand, Susan Wolfe, Noreen Woods and everyone at Atlantic who helped launch this project.

Digitially remastered from mono and true stereo originals. The selections are programmed in rough chronological order. Exceptions to strict chronology are likely to occur with leased or purchased masters, where original recording or release dates are not known.

In previous editions wrong takes were used on some songs. In this edition, the proper takes have been used in all cases.

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