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Audree Wilson Comments
(It is not an exaggeration to say that, with the possible exception of Brian, nobody was more responsible for the making of Pet Sounds than Audree Wilson. As the mother of Brian, Dennis and Carl, she and her late husband Murry are the true creative team that brought the Beach Boys into existence.)

"I do remember visiting Brian when he was in the studio working on Pet Sounds. The guys were on the road; they hadn't heard any of it. Murry and I went into the studio in Hollywood, and Brian was very animated by all the music he was creating. I think he was happy when he made Pet Sounds. When I heard it, I was thrilled to death.

I thought it was stupendous. So wonderful. It was his crowning glory. At least it was at that time … 'God Only Knows' … What can you say about it? I still think it's one of his greatest pieces. I love it. So many times, I have thought how incredible it is that it's my son, my sons who did that."

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