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Beggars Banquet (2002)

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The Rolling Stones
Beggars Banquet
ABKCO Records


1. Sympathy For The Devil


2. No Expectations

3. Dear Doctor

4. Parachute Woman

5. Jigsaw Puzzle


6. Street Fighting Man

7. Prodigal Son

(Rev. Wilkins)

8. Stray Cat Blues

9. Factory Girl 

10. Salt Of The Earth


Produced by Jimmy Miller

Original Design: Tom Wilkes
Inside Photo: Michael Joseph
Front and Back Photos: Barry Feinstein

Restoration Producer: Jody H. Klein
Sound Restoration and Archive Coordinator: Steve Rosenthal/The Magic Shop
Analog to Digital Transfers & Tape Archive Research: Teri Landi
Mastering: Bob Ludwig/Gateway Mastering
DSD Engineer: Gus Skinas

Additional Tape Archive Research: Jane Byrne & Mick McKenna
Additional Analog to Digital Transfer: Jon Astley & Pascal Byrne
Production Assistants: Maria Papazahariou & Laura Walton

Repackage Art Direction: Iris W. Keitel & Alice Coleman-Ritz
Repackage Design: Zane Peterson/AGI
Art Production Assistants: Nicole Monea & Patricia Sheppard

Conception: Lenne Allik

In 1986 ABKCO Records released the first compact discs of The Rolling Stones catalog. Over the years, we have had many requests to re-issue these titles using the latest digital remastering techniques. However, we did not feel the improvements in CD mastering warranted this - until now. With the right technology in place, we spent hundreds of hours researching, and more importantly, listening to the analog masters that exist in the vaults. It was a long and painstaking process, involving a quest on both sides of the Atlantic to find the best and purest sources of The Rolling Stones' work. 

ABKCO utilized Direct Stream Digital (DSD) encoding (the same conversion technology used for Super Audio CD (SACD)) which captures every nuance of the original master tapes. You will hear the "rawness" of the guitars, the vocal quality and the natural distortion of the band as it sounded in the studio.

For more information about ABKCO Records, go to www.abkco.com

SACD and DSD are trademarks of Sony & Phillips

All songs published by ABKCO Music, Inc., except #7 Wynwood Music Company, Inc.

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