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1. the man i used to be
2. that is why
3. the king is half-undressed
4. i wanna stay home*
5. she still loves him
6. all i want is everything*
7. now she knows she’s wrong
8. bedspring kiss
9. baby’s coming back*
10. calling sarah


andy sturmer: most of the singing, drums, some guitar and keyboards, roger manning: lots of piano, harpsichord and singing

jason falkner: most of the guitars and basses and some background singing, chris manning: band witchdoctor and mime.

we all clapped our hands

tommy morgan played harmonica and took judo lessons. 
chuck findlay played trumpet and was late for the tonight show
lenny castro and luis conte played percussion then did the lambada 
john pattitucci played upright bass than joined them (lenny and luis). 
steve mcdonald played bass, breathed fire and spit blood 
sid page and his north hollywood wire choir provided string accompaniment and made every night a “saturday night fiedler”. 
babyface ratto and chris coyle provided the background belching and barroom banter on “now she knows she’s wrong”!

produced by albhy galuten
co-produced by jack joseph puig

engineered and mixed by jack joseph puig

recorded and mixed at: schnee studios, studio 55, ocean way recording

assisted by: ken allerdyce, ken felton, rall rogut

special thanks: phil quartararo, jeff fenster, steve samiof, bob catania, audrey strahl, jerre hall, danny goodwin, shona scott, tony noe, miihan gorkey, “heavy” jenny bronstein, dawn hood and everyone else at charisma records, carter, jeff ayeroff, kaz kaz kaz, jellyfish axelrod, irving azoff, peter lubin, paul kremens, paul atkinson, al teller, steve ralbovsky, ken komisar, ken friedman, linda blum, maria mcnally, danny strick, nanci walker, ron handler, barry simons, peter afterman and redd kross.

management: industrial management, chris coyle and victor ratto. 

legal representation: alan mintz.

all songs written by a. sturmer/r. manning except * written by sturmer.  all songs © 1990 virgin songs, inc./little green appletoons (bmi)/sunshine suicide sings (ascap) except* © 1990 virgin song, inc./little green appletoons (bmi)  all rights for little green appletoons controlled and administered by virgin songs, inc.  lyrics reproduced by kind permission of the publishers.  all rights reserved.  international copyright secured.

steve mcdonald appears courtesy of atlantic records

art direction: mick haggerty, steve samiof, 
design: r. wippo meckler/re:design 
photography: peter darley miller

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