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Best Of ELO
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1. Mr. Blue Sky  5.02

2. Evil Woman  4.11

3. Don’t Bring Me Down  4.03

4. Sweet Talkin’ Woman  3.47

5. Shine A Little Love  4.11

6. Turn To Stone  3.48

7. The Diary Of Horace Wimp  4.16

8. Confusion  3.41

9. Hold On Tight  3.06

10. Livin’ Thing  3.31

11. Telephone Line  4.39

12. All Over The World  4.03

13. Wild West Hero  4.40

14. Showdown  4.11

15. Ma-Ma-Ma Belle  3.37

16. Xanadu (New Version)  3.21

17. Rockaria!  3.12

18. Strange Magic  4.07

19. Alright  3.10

20. Rock And Roll Is King  3.07

All Songs Written and Produced by Jeff Lynne

When I wrote these songs I never dreamed that people would still be listening to them thirty years into the future.

In those days if your records got in the top ten it was an amazing feat.  I was lucky enough to be hanging out up there with the big boys.  As far as I knew, that was as good as it got.

I absolutely loved being in the recording studio, there was nothing that could come near to the thrill of laying down tracks for a new album.  Anything was possible in the studio, you could make a Steinway sound like a Wurlitzer (if you really wanted to).  You could twist sound and bend it and have backward messages and solos.  Any sound you could imagine – you could create.  It was all that was on my mind, (well nearly).

Before each album I used to give myself a few weeks to come up with the chord sequences and melodies that would become these songs, but I never finished the words to my songs until before I sang them, or as some critics said ‘until just after I sang them’.  I especially enjoyed confounding those critics who would often spread doom and gloom over my newly finished efforts.  The songs went on to sell millions, which taught me not to worry about them so much.  Seems to me the best you can do is your best.  From the producer’s point of view, I think some of the sounds are a bit naïve, but still stand up well.

I’ve always tried to give my records a timeless sound by using old fashioned microphone placement that utilizes the sound of the room (or rooms) you are recording in.

Some of these songs are so over the top it’s amazing.

For a while there I went through a phase where I definitely thought that ‘more is more’ and overdubbed everything that wasn’t nailed down.

When I was a little lad, a record called Sparky’s Magic Piano was something played on the radio.

That talking piano haunted me and many years later drove me to find out how to do it.  As luck would have it right at the same time somebody in Stuttgart had just built a Vocoder, the very machine that could make the piano talk.  It was brilliant timing, because I’d just finished the backing track of Mr. Blue Sky (features talking piano in case you hadn’t guessed).

Most of these songs were recorded in Munich, home of the largest beers in the world.  Richard Tandy would always say to me “is this stuff legal?”  I knew what he meant.  Richard (who played my favourite ELO lead guitar on Strange Magic) was always there working with me.

I loved making these records, even though they gave me some headaches and sleepless nights.  I had a lot of responsibility and it could get intense.  But a good kickabout down the road would clear my head.  Then, let’s get overdubbing.

All the best

Jeff Lynne – April 2005

Representation – Craig Fruin / Frontline Management

Legacy producer: Jeff Magid

Mastered by Joseph M. Palmaccio – Sony Music Studios, New York, NY

Many thanks to Rob Caiger @ Face The Music.

Compiled by Tim Fraser-Harding & Sharon Hardwick

Photography – Fin Costello, Ian Dickson, Gary Merrin, Mike Putland

Design & Artwork – L-Space Design/Spin



This compact disc was manufactured to meet critical quality standards.  If you believe the disc has a manufacturing defect, please call our Quality Management Department at 1-800-255-7514.  New Jersey residents should call 609-722-8224.

© 2005 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT (UK) Ltd./ (P) 1973, 1975-1981, 1983, 2000, 2001, 2005 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT/ Manufactured and Distributed by Epic, A Division of  SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT/ 550 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022-3211. “Epic,” “Legacy” and L Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off. Marca Registrada./ WARNING: All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

EK 94489

This package consists of previously released material.

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