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Big Dreams in Small Town
This album is unvailable from iTunes.
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Original 1988 album liner notes


Say What’s In Your Heart 4:04
(Don Schiltz/Donny Lowery) ASCAP

Big Dreams In A Small Town 3:33
(Dave Robbins/Van Stephenson/Tim DuBois) ASCAP/BMI

A Tender Lie 3:28
(Randy Sharp) BMI

Jenny Come Back 3:46
(Van Stephenson/Tim DuBois/Dave Robbins) ASCAP/BMI

No Way Out 3:10
(Steve Bogard/Rick Giles) ASCAP


Eldorado 5:08
(Greg Jennings/Paul Gregg/Nicky Gregg) ASCAP

The Bluest Eyes In Texas
(Tim DuBois/Dave Robbins/Van Stephenson) ASCAP/BMI

This Time 3:28
(Tim DuBois/Van Stephenson/Greg Jennings/Paul Gregg) ASCAP/BMI

Calm Before The Storm 4:05
(Van Stephenson/Dave Robbins/Bob Farrell) BMI/ASCAP

Lead Vocals: Larry Stewart
Guitars, Vocals: Greg Jennings
Bass, Vocals: Paul Gregg
Keyboards, Vocals: David Innis
Drums, Vocals: John Dittrich

Produced by Tim DuBois, Scott Hendricks and Restless Heart for O.M.M. Productions

Recorded and Mixed by Scott Hendricks

Assistant Engineers: Billy Whittington, Carey Summers, J.T. Cantwell, Chris Hammond, Eric Paul, Tom Singers, Mark Nevers

Recorded at Omnisound Studios

Additional Recording: Digital Recorders

Mixed at The Castle

Mastered by Denny Purcell and Scott Hendricks

Digital Editing: Carlos Grier

Mastered at Georgetown Masters, Nashville, TN (Recorded and Mastered with Monster Cable)

Recorded with Dolby SR

Fairlight Programming: Carl Marsh and David Humphreys

A&R Direction: Joe Galante

Art Direction: Mary Hamilton

Design: Bob McConnell

Photography: Empire Studios

Make-up and Hair: Mary Beth Felts

Stylist: Vanessa Ware

Special Thanks To:
The Wives – Angie, Cece, Janet, Leslie, Nancy, Sherry, Tammy; The Kids – Brittany, Chris, David, Dena, Jenny, Isom, Mallory, McKenzie, Michelle, Mikey; The Songwriters, The Songpluggers; Joe Galante and the folks at RCA; Barry Beckett for his gracious help in time of need; God and the doctors and nurses at Vanderbilt Hospital for Isom David; Larry Fitzgerald and Mark Hartley; Rick Shipp; Anthony VanDollen; Gus Laux; Howard Toole; Richard Headen; Joseph Nuyens, Jr. & Sr.; Tammy Summers for the cookies; Barbara Thompson and Judy Tenison; Doug Buttleman, Tasha and Yamaha; Don Dawson and D’Addario; John Grunder and Fender, Steinberger; Rose Guitars; Joe Glasier; Mae West; Rich Briere; Daryl Cochran and all the guys at SIR; Ray Tregellas; Pam Haney and Pearl Drums; Roy Edmunds and Sabian Cymbals; Dave, Kevin and R.I.M.S.; Kimberly Shearer and Dean Markley; Jim Harris; Mike Vaden; Jimmy Kellam; Brian Williams; Bill Boyd and Dick Clark Productions; Carla Patterson; Patti Maturkanic; Tish Fein; Karen Laux; Last and Least, Rodney Goodman.

Restless Heart Fan Club and Merchandising information:
P.O. Box 159004
Nashville, TN 37215-9004

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Made in U.S.A.


Also available on cassette and compact disc

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