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Blues Helping

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Love Sculpture
Blues Helping

PCS 7059

From the original Vinyl LP


1. Stumble
(Freddy King - Sonny Thompson)

2. 3 O'Clock Blues

(B.B. King - Jules Taub)

3. I Believe To My Soul*#
(Ray Charles)

4. So Unkind
(Elmore James - Marshall Sehorn)

5. Summertime
(George Gershwin - Heyward)

6. On The Road Again*
(Shade - Jones)


1. Don't Answer The Door
(Jimmy Johnson)

2. Wang-Dang-Doodle*
(Willie Dixon)

3. Come Back Baby
(Ray Charles)

4. Shake Your Hips**
(James Moore)

5. Blues Helping
(Williams - Edmunds - Jones)

(P) 1968


John Williams: Bass Guitar, Vocals,* Piano**
Bob "Congo" Jones: Drums, Vocals#
Dave Edmunds: Guitar, Piano, Organ, Lead Vocals

Produced by Malcolm Jones and Kingsley Ward

Recording Engineer: Peter Mews

Sleeve Design & Photographs by HIPGNOSIS

Recorded July/August 1968 at the Abbey Road Studios, St. John's Wood

I first became aware of the tremendous talent of LOVE SCULPTURE when Kingsley Ward played me the tape of the group's first recording session in his Monmouth studios. The resultant single, "River To Another Day"/"Brand New Woman", released early this year, aroused a tremendous amount of interest, and although it didn't quite make the charts, it precipitated many letters and enquiries about future releases. This, the first album from LOVE SCULPTURE, is the result of that demand.

Possibly the biggest headache in making the album was deciding what not to include. As most of the tracks last for over 4 minutes ("Don't Answer The Door" is over 6 minutes long) we could only include 11 titles in order to achieve the best sound reproduction possible. On the other hand "Blues Helping" was never originally intended for inclusion, but performed merely as a 'warm-up' item. We were so pleased with the outcome, however, that we just had to include it. I think it is also very much to the boys' credit that there is not a single edit throughout the whole album.

Most of the titles here will be familiar to hardened blues enthusiasts, but I think that they will find their treatment refreshingly different. Those who like grinding guitar sounds will perhaps find their favourites amongst Freddy King's instrumental "Stumble", delivered at a furious pace; B.B. King's "3 O'Clock Blues"; "Blues Helping"; "I Believe To My Soul"; "Come Back Baby"; and "Summertime". "Don't Answer The Door", on the other hand, with over-dubbed organ by Dave and gentle guitar phrasing, is an "easy listening" blues, whilst Slim Harpo's "Shake Your Hips" really moves. Dave's solo on this one is, in my estimation, one of the LP's highlights, and his jazz-influenced phrasing contrasts well with his heavily featured 'gritty' sound and with the bottle-neck solos on "So Unkind."

For the technically minded, Congo plays Ludwig drums; John plays a custom Fender precision bass through a Selmer amplifier and Goliath cabinet. All of Dave's guitar tones were created by combining his 1959 Gibson 335 with a Fender amplifier and Marshall speaker cabinets without the aid of any distortion units.

Here, then, is a typical selection of the boys' blues repertoire - from Love Sculpture - your first BLUES HELPING.

- Malcolm Jones


E.M.I. Records (The Gramaphone Company Ltd) Hayes-Middlesex-England

To play this STEREO record on a mono reproducer the reproducer should have either a stereo pick-up wired for mono or a suitable mono pick-up. Most pick-ups produced recently will be suitable for this purpose. If in doubt consult your dealer. True stereophonic reproduction will only be obtained from a complete stereo reproducer. To keep this record clean and dust free we recommend use of New Emitex.

33-1/3 R.P.M.

Made and Printed in Great Britain

Printed and made by Garrod & Lofthouse Ltd.

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