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Can't Quit


My Silent Bravery
Can't Quit


1. Four Years

2. Alright

3. Can't Quit

4. Burnt Out

5. To Give
(Matisyahu/Matthew Wade Scwachman)

6. Ms. Definite Maybe

7. Last One Left

8. Burnt Out (Acoustic)

9. Can't Quit (Acoustic)

10. Today Is Tomorrow's Yesterday

All songs written by Matthew Wade Shwachman

© 2011 MWS Recording Co. (ASCAP)

All Rights Reserved. Lyrics reprinted by Permission.


My Silent Bravery is Matthew Wade Shwachman.


Produced by: Anthony J. Resta.

Recorded and Mixed by: Karyadi Sutedja at studio bopnique musique (www.bopnique.com).

Mastered by: Vlado Moeller at Masterdisk.


Art Direction: Collin Vaughn (www.vaughndesign.net)


Management: Fred Balboni, Jr., Balboni Communications Group, P.O. Box 4183, Peabody, MA 01961.

Legal: Bienstock & Michael, P.C., 250 West 57th Street, Suite 808, New York, NY  10107.





Thank You:  The creator, who has blessed me with amazing family, friends, and opportunities to grow and transform; Mom, Dad, and Mark for your unconditional love and support, I couldn’t ask for a more loving and supportive family; Anthony and Karyadi for all of your work on this album and helping me bring these songs to life; the musicians who contributed to it: Matisyahu, Charlie Farren, Robert Holmes, Cameron Stone,  Steve Sadler, Jeff Calder, and Richard Gates; Everyone at BCG – Fred Balboni, Evan Myers, Gina DeRossi, Andrea Weeder, and Carol Beggy; all the musicians I have been fortunate enough to share the stage with including and especially Hugh Allen, Sean Davies, Brian Kearsley, Kevin Hennessy, also Justin Oliver, and Dana Bonardi; The Rav and Karen, Michael and Yehuda Berg, Benyamin Malul, Shalom Sharabbi, Yehuda Dan and all the Chevre and friends around the world at The Kabbalah Centre who continue to spread love and light to the world; Big thanks to Stacie Owen, James Pickett, Kool Kojak, Collin Vaughn, Zeb Love, Jarrod Copper, Meg Halfpenny, Gene Foley, Matt Rafal, Jon Delange, Jim Nelson, Mike Friedman, Mark Baxter, Rich Falco, Brent Barlow, Anthony Santoro, Ron Bienstock, Amanda and Eric Alexandriakis, Tom Mazetta, Elle Gallo, Jarrod Copper, Phil Simon, Tom Chako my healer and good friend; my extended family, Eddie, Nancy, & Allison & BJ; Albie, Cheryl, & Greta Shwachman; Helene & Al Levine and the entire Levine Family; Sandi, Patrick, and Winnie Cleary; Henry, Suzanne, Madison, Mackenzie, and Marley Wright; Sammy, Melinda, Noey, Jonah, Anna, Micah, Abigail, Benjamin, Ruth, and Ezra Koenigsberg; Faye Berman, Barry Berman, Jay Berman and family, Jonni, Shlomo, & Dana Shwachman; my extended extended family, Fletch & Cindy, Grant & Rach, Doz, Mai, and Princeton, Shriber, Patience, and Piper, JK & Katie, Ari & Mer, Brad, Sara & Harris, Pete and Jen P, Diesel & Lindsay, Lorry Spring & fam, Pete Hanson, The Manitou Family, Cory & Stacer, Jbird & Lesley, Kate & Jerry, Chates, Sabs, Dougie, Sarah, & Benjamin, DJ Cut, Maria, Greg & Gibson, Sean & Carly, The Walsh’s, Peggy Sueplex, IPR, Tara & Erin, Tanya, T bone!, Zip, Tristan, Mark L, Jill, Zlata, Josh & Sarah, Johnathan, Dan O, Brett & Nicky, Debbie, Silvia, Donald, Stacie, Lesley, Leesa, Melissa, Andrea, Anne B, Anne F, Melinda, Seda, Issa, & Michael B;  anyone else I forgot, all our friends and fans who come out and support the band; and those of you who I have yet to meet – Much love to you and Thank You!


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