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Chocolate Starfish
To download this recording via iTunes, click here: Limp Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water
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Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water _________________________________________________

Limp Bizkit
Chocolate Starfish and The Hot Dog
Flavored Water

1. Intro

2. Hot Dog

3. My Generation

4. Full Nelson

5. My Way (Explicit)

6. Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)

7. Livin' It Up

8. The One

9. Getcha Groove On (Explicit)

10. Take A Look Around

11. It'll Be OK

12. Boiler

13. Hold On

14. Rollin' (Urban Assault Vehicle)

15. Outro

Thanks to God, my Mother, my Father, My Band (Fred, Sam, Wes, Thee) I love you. Rosie, Alyssa, I love you. My friends you know who you are.

All of our fans.

Zildjian, OCDP, Pearl, all people who’ve helped me in my quest in music.

Thanks to: God, Mom & Dad, Kinter (I love you), Bud, Merv, Rita, David & Barb, Dalton & Ryan, Aunt Jan, Ron & Kebra, and Seth (my knew cuz), Howard, Aunt Dot & Uncle Tom, Tommy & Debbie, Britany and Kara, Aunt June, Glen Rivers, Larry & Sam, Alexis, Aunt Helen, The Otto’s and the rest of my family, Angie, Mom & Dad Atkins, Joel. Glenn & The Davis Family, will & Sandra, Fauna, Gator, Jason, Chuck, Tool time himself, Zork, Paully, Vern and Jan, Lisa Linder, Dr. Tim and the crew, Jordan, Jeff, Pete, James, Richie (Fatboy), Jeff the head, Chris Gaston, Al (the Shit) Rogo, Thank you for everything, Yeti (the man) and Andsell, Treu-Day, Kingy, Ami, Scott Weiland, X-hibit, Dj Premier, Korn, Deftones, Incubus, BHG, No Use For A Name, SX-10, Cypress Hill, STP, Nefarian, Blink 182, Simon Says, Amen, I know there are people I forgot but it was all last minute so oh well!! Thank you to all the people who have supported us.

Shouts 2: my mom and dad, all my family, my love of my life – michelle baney, John, sam, fred, wes, josh and gina abraham, david mantel and johanna tate, Jordan schur, the whole Interscope staff, the whole Geffen staff, the whole firm staff, staind, matt ferrer, Darren wolstein, chris hicks, the whole channel xero crew, the tightest and most innovative dj crews i.s.p, x-cutioners, beat junkies and the cream of the crop dj’s, you know who you are and remember you can’t stop the rock, all you wanna be dj’s just stop bitin’ all the creators be og, everlast, dannyboy, the ex-supermodels, Kevorkian, dante ross, kaves, dilated peoples, watch out for lethal dose records, anybody who likes what I do, r.i.p. to smash you where one cool homey I know your still wit me rhymin’ to my beats, oh yeah fuck you all bitch ass motherfuckers that think your shit don’t stink, you can hide behind your mask but karma is a bitch and when you’re face-to-face you buckle up, you got no heart, if you want some, come get some, anytime, anyplace, anywhere, you name it.

Thank you:
Heather, Scott, Kyle, Kate, Mom & Dad, The McMillens, The Weeks, Fred, John, Sam, Lee, Terry Date, Josh, Abraham, Andy Wallace, Emmett Malloy, Shirilla, Greg, Isabelle, Trevdog, Yeti, Richie, Jeff, Travis, Joshua, James, Jeff, Peter, Jordan, Ben, Marts, Ami Spishock, Matt Lichten-Rock, Rob Nishida, Bowman-Cardona, GLWG, The Firm, Interscope, P.R.S. Guitars, Master Guitars, Mesa-Boogie Amps, Boss Pedals, Guitar Center, Dean Markley Strings, Black Market Music, Jakubiak, Rick Rubin, Good & Evil, Love Ya
Tongue of Colicab

I would like to say that I believe in God and I believe in karma. Why I exist beats the shit out of me, but I do and I am grateful for every breath of air I get to inhale knowing how unpredictable life on earth is. I love my mom, my dad, my brother, my daughter, my papaw, my mamaw, my band, my dogs Bizkit and phoenix, my fans, my friends, my managers, my attorney and my label. I wish I could thank everyone, but I do thank the people, bands and critics who hate me because it helps me understand how you are fueled and understanding that you are the way you are, at least you’re being you … so thanx. Thanx to the people who give me free shit just because I like it, like circa footwear, osiris footwear, adidas, new era ballcaps, tribal gear, diamond quasar n.y.c., echo unlimited and dc shoes. I would also like to thank all the girls in this world for being girls, without girls this world would not be … so I love you all. I want my buddies to get their names in here too like Richie surrency, james dingman, travis tomko, jeff head, danny wimmer, verne “Minnie me” troyer, John “regin,” chris glatton, yetti Trevor and ben marts. All the bands in the world, thank you for carrying out the revolution of music and I thank ben stiller for being everything and more than I expected, you are a major inspiration to me and a wonderful person. Good luck on the new zoolander.

No one knows why they are put in this position, but I’m hoping I was put here to be a positive source of energy or anyone who can identify and connect with me and our music, when you strip away all they hype and bullshit you are left with a band that really cares about their fans and we really care about the music that is generated when we get together and jam. Other than that we are alive and being alive today is a very precious thing. I will do my best never to let anyone down and if I do for any reason … I’m only human. I’m so grateful for this all. Thank you one and all.

p.s. adopt a pet, preferably an English bulldog and name him/her Bizkit! Believe in u.f.o.’s and please listen to these songs with an open mind, these songs are the gateway to our souls.

See you soon.

Fred Durst

limp bizkit is:

fred durst
wes borland
d.j. lethal
sam rivers
john otto

produced by terry date and limp bizkit, additional production by josh abraham, additional production by scott weiland, except; “rollin’ (urban assault vehicle)” produced by swizz beatz

“getcha groove on” produced by d.j. lethal and fred durst, mixed by andy wallace, except: “take a look around” mixed by brendan o’brien and ryan williams at sony music studios, nyc, ny.

Recorded by terry date, protools engineer and additional engineering by scott olson, second engineer ted reiger, additional engineering by joe barresi.

Recording studios:

larrabee east sound studios, los angeles, ca., assisted by ted reiger and dylan vaughan.

westlake audio, los angeles, ca., assisted by ted reiger, kevin guanieri and jesse gorman.

larrabee west sound studios, west hollywood, ca., assisted by ted reiger and pete novak.

studio litho, seattle, wa, assisted by ashley stubbert.

nrg recording services, north hollywood, ca., assisted by doug trantow and dave dominguez.

south beach studio, miami beach, fl., assisted by femio hernandez; additional protocols engineering by darren venbitti.

the hit factory, nyc, ny., assisted by jamie duncan.

olympic studios, london, england, engineer and protocols by barney chase, assisted by matt kingdom.

sony music studios, nyc, ny., assisted by steve conover.

long view farms studios, north brookfield, ma., assisted by fran flannery and carl nappa.

Mix studios:

all tracks mixed at: soundtrack studios, nyc, ny., assisted by steve sisco and josh wilbur additional protocols editing by domenic barbera, except:

“take a look around” mixed at southern tracks recording, atlanta, ga., assisted by karl egsieker.

“getcha groove on” mixed at daddy’s house recording studios, nyc, ny., assisted by dominic mancuso.

“rollin’ (urban assault vehicle)” mixed at sony music studios, nyc, ny, assisted by steve conover, edited by carl nappa.

clean edits on “my generation” by d.j. premier for works of mart, inc., and charles the mixologist for c.r.e.a.m, inc.

executive producer and a&r: Jordan schur, a&r coordination for the firm: peter katsis assisted by cailin mccarthy

production coordination erin haley, art direction: fred durst

cover art by wes borland, photography by fred durst

art coordination by liam ward

scott weiland vocals on “hold on” appear courtesy of atlantic recording corporation

dmx vocals on “rollin’ (urban assault vehicle)” appears courtesy of ruff ryders entertainment/def jam records

method man vocals on “rollin’ (urban assault vehicle)” appears courtesy of wu tang productions, inc., def jam records

Redman vocals on “rollin’ (urban assault vehicle)” appears courtesy of def jam records

xzibit vocals on “getcha groove on” appears courtesy of loud records

stephan jenkins interlude vocal and voiceover interlude appears courtesy of elektra entertainment group

ben stiller interlude voiceover appears courtesy of himself
mark wahlberg interlude voiceover also appears courtesy of himself

rob dyrdek interlude voiceover appears courtesy of finer skateboarding everywhere


scott Borland keyboards on tracks 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13

rich keller bass guitar on “rollin’ (urban assault vehicle)”

“my way” contains a sample from “my melody” (e. barrier/w. griffin) Robert hill music/universal songs of polygram international, inc., (bmi) as recorded by eric b. and rakim, courtesy of island records, under license from universal music special markets.

“livin’ it up” contains a sample from “life in the fast lane” (g. frey/d. Henley/j. walsh) cass county music c.,/red cloud music co./wow and flutter music co. (ascap) as recorded by the eagles, produced under license from warner brothers records, by arrangement with warner special products.

all songs by lim Bizkit © 2000. Lyrics by fred durst. Music by wes Borland, sam rivers, John otto for zomba enterprises, inc./big Bizkit music (administered by zomba enterprises, inc.). (ascap) except:

“hot dog” lyrics by fred durst, music by wes Borland, sam rivers, John otto, contains portions of the composition ‘closer’ written by t. reznor, used by permission, all rights reserved. Hot dog © 2000 zomba entertainment, inc./big Bizkit music (administered by zomba enterprises, inc.) (ascap)/leaving hope music/tvt music, inc. (ascap), administered by leaving hope music inc.

“my way” lyrics by fred durst, music by wes Borland, sam rivers, John otto for zomba enterprises, inc. (bmi)/big Bizkit music (administered by zomba enterprises, inc.) (ascap)/e. barrier, w. grffin; Robert hill music/universal songs of polygram international, inc. (bmi).

“livin’ it up” lyrics by fred durst, music by wes Borland, sam rivers, John otto for zomba enterprises, inc. (bmi)/big Bizkit music (administered by zomba enterprises, inc.) (ascap)/g. frey/d. Henley/j. walsh; cass county music co., red cloud music co., wow and flutter music (ascap).

“getcha groove on” lyrics by fred durst and xzibit, music by d.j. lethal for zomba enterprises, inc. (bmi)/big bizkit music (administered by zomba enterprises, inc.) (ascap) and hennessey for everyone (bmi)/voco music publishing (bmi).

“take a look around” written by lalo schifrin/fred durst (original theme from mission impossible by lalo Schifrin) published by bruno music company (bmi)/famous music corporation (ascap).

“hold on” lyrics by scott weiland and fred durst, music by wes Borland, sam rivers and John otto, flaming music/emi april music (ascap) zomba enterprises, inc. (bmi)/big Bizkit music (administered by zomba enterprises, inc.) (ascap).

“rollin’ (urban assault vehicle)” lyrics by fred durst, dmx, method man, and redman. Music by swizz beatz, swizz beatz publishing (ascap)/zomba enterprises, inc. (bmi)/big Bizkit music (administered by zomba enterprises, inc.) (ascap), boomer x publishing (ascap) dead game publishing (ascap) careers/bmg music publishing/funky noble productions, inc. (ascap).

Management: the firm
9100 wilshire boulevard, beverly hills, ca
business management: matt lichtenberg and eric wasserman
assisted by kevin kanegai and krist wayner

legal: david mantel, pc, nyc, ny assisted by johanna tate & doug davis, esq. terry date and brenden o’brien represented by lis marie/erin haley@ moir/marie entertainment, llc.

Limp gear:  digidesign, diaddario strings, warwick basses, seymour duncan, ampeg, masterguitar, kaman music, monstercable, orange county drums, zildjian cymbals, pearl hardware, promark sticks, remo heads, paul reed smith guitars, mesa boogie amps, dean markley strings, vestax, numark

Limp Bizkit website: www.limpbizkit.com
Write limp Bizkit at: p.o. box 93655, los angeles, ca 90093-9998

© 2000 Flip/Interscope records. All rights reserved. 069490759-2

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