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Comments/Dennis Wilson
Dennis Wilson

(If Brian musically is the Beach Boys, then Dennis was the Beach Boy, the original inspiration for the group. The middle brother, Dennis was the one who came home from the beach and convinced his older brother to write a song about what he was experiencing. The rest really is history. A truly big-hearted soul, the sight and sound of Dennis on his drum kit, pounding a primitive but powerful beat, made him the focus of many a female fan. What follows are excerpts from his interviews.)

Dennis: "We would be in the studio, and he'd play us a song, and we'd start singing and crying. It was so great. It was so beautiful. It was like, 'How could this be happening?' We'd say, 'How'd you write that?' There wasn't one person in the group who could come close to Brian's talent.

"People always thought Brian was a good-time guy until he started releasing those heavy, searching songs on Pet Sounds 'n' all. But that stuff was closer to his own personality and perceptions. By the time people get close to an accurate picture of Brian Wilson--if ever--he's gonna be far beyond them again, and I can dig his frustration.

"Brian did something on Pet Sounds. He was able to organize his thoughts to a point where they were hypnotic, yet entertaining, meaningful and spiritual too."

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