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Stone Temple Pilots
Atlantic Records
7 82418-2

1. DEAD & BLOATED 5:10
Music by R. DeLeo, Weiland / Words by Weiland

Music by D. DeLeo, Kretz / Words by Weiland

Music by R. DeLeo, D. DeLeo / Words by Weiland

4. NO MERCY 1:19
Music by D. DeLeo

5. SIN 6:05
Music by R. DeLeo / Words by Weiland

Music by R. DeLeo, D. DeLeo, Kretz, Weiland / Words by Weiland

7. CREEP 5:30
Music by R. DeLeo / Words by Weiland, R. DeLeo

8. PIECE OF PIE 5:22
Music by R. DeLeo / Words by Weiland

Music by R. DeLeo / Words by Weiland, Kretz

10. WET MY BED 1:35
Music by R. DeLeo / Words by Weiland

Music by R. DeLeo, Kretz / Words by Weiland

Music by D. DeLeo, Kretz / Words by Weiland

All songs published by Floated Music ASCAP. All lyrics © 1992 Floated Music ASCAP. Used by permission. All Rights Reserved.

Weiland – Vocals
Robert DeLeo – Bass
Dean DeLeo – Guitars
Eric Kretz – Drums

Produced by Brendan O’Brien
Engineered by Nick Didia
2nd Engineer: Dick Kaneshiro
Recorded at Rumbo Recorders in Los Angeles, CA

Mixed at Can Am Studios in Los Angeles, CA
Mastered at Future Disc Systems by Tom Baker

Management: Steve Stewart

Art Director: Kevin “Design” Hosmann
Photography: Katrina Dickson
Illustration: Christian Clayton
Art Concept: Stone Temple Pilots

Info & Stuff:
P.O. Box 227
1118 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91506

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS is booked through Triad Artists

Robert DeLeo plays through Eden cabinets
Dean DeLeo uses Demeter amps
Eric Kretz has injured himself on Yamaha drums and Paiste cymbals

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS would like to thank:

THE BLOOD: God, Jesus Christ, Sharon & David Weiland, Michael Weiland, Grammy & Grandpa Williams, Jannina Castaneda, Dean & Robert’s Momsee, Emile DeLeo, Mom & Poppa Fred, Shari Won, Tess & Darlin, Lisa, Greg, Kierste and all the Lopezes, Mom & Dad Solecitto, Dean, Kent, Martha, Seth & Matthew Kline and most of all thanks Rita

THE BIZ: Steve Stewart, Triad Artists’ Don Muller (Secret Agent Man), Eric Greenspan, Michael Goldsmith, “Bud” O’Brien, Nicoli “The Hungarian Fish Slapper” Didia, Dick Kaneshiro, Mark, Jim & James at Bill’s Place, Eddie Offord, Whiskey Biscuit (The World’s Greatest and Worst Garage Band), Honey Glaze, The Extinct, Aerosol (get a sun tan!), Rollins Band, Ice T & Body Count, Jorge Hinojosa & Rhyme Syndicate, Les Paul, James Demeter (for his wonderful amplification), Hot Rod Long, Bret Bodie, Leo Fender, Tony Converse, Dominic, Dayle “Good Christmas Cookies” Gloria of Club w/ No Name, Mark Wolfson, Tracy Chisholm, Kevin Hosmann, Jenny Bendel, Katherine Turman, Katrina Dickson & her illustrious photo crew & Cheryl, Larry Einbound, Linda Minich, Andrea Damon, Tom “Feed The Animal” Carolan, Ahmet Ertegun, Jason Flom, Danny Goldberg, Doug Morris, Kathy Cantwell, Melanie Nissen, Craig Kallman, Jenny Price, Gena Rankin, Martha Schultz, Donna Spencer, Connie DiNardo, Sue Lyon, Nick Romei, Ilene Budin, all the folks at Rumbo and Can Am who made life in the studio pleasant, the staff at Eden Cabinets, Mike & Dave at Encore Cases, Dave and the staff at Makin’ Music, everyone at Andy Brauer and Rack Attack – Lon Cohen, Herschel Blankenship & Lab Sound; Syu, Jimbo Minauro & Jason at Sunset Custom Guitars; Michael at Guitars R’ Us; Chris, Ron & Mike at Bass Centre; Rick Janus at West LA Music, Ross (Dr. O’ Drum), Andy “The Man” at Triad, Wink, Inclined, Tony, Denise and Cinda

THE BROS.: Corey Hicock, Ron “Lonsy” Kaufman, Sean & Scott Tubbs, Amir “Omar Khadaffi” Ghobriel, Gary, William & Gloria Gleason, Tom Gleason, James Himebauch, Jeff Menke, Tom Contreras, Rich Perry, Pam Galante, Tom Hall, Christine Benson, John Charlene, Sean Knierim, Greg Cathart, Corey Baker, Pat Rodman, Rich Mazzetta, Amy Younker, Brian Buster, Audrey Marpol, Tim Allen, Jullee Allen, Rhonda Allen, Erol Delman, Eddy Kellogg, Maryanne Petrilli, Annette Zuzio, Gary Dalton, Josh Higgins, Damian (Daddy Long Legs), Diane Wright, Dave King, Mike Ciravolvo, Robert Figueroa, Jeff Campbell, Pierre Martin, Sean Foote, Madera & Tim, Mark “The Breadman” Cataldo, Paul “Raja” Salarno, Britt Willits, Shane Murphy, Karmic Homies Mike, Ken & John, Carlo “Ain’t No” Ho, Ho, The Kama/Kosmic Krusader – a modern day Renaissance wise man of supernatural powers and abilities, Cat Allencastro, Mike “The Pope” Leotta, Kenji Condo, Mike “Yo! Bro” & Jenny, Spanky, Buckwheat, Alfalfa, Stimey, Weazer and all the metermaids who have made our lives miserable…

… And to you, dead and bloated nation of sleepwalkers, so content to drown in your own rancid apathy that your own minds and the minds of your children are being bought and sold on the auction block by swarthy old hogs – oh, set a place for the auctioneer, he’ll be coming to dinner tonight. No need to bother, honey, he’ll be coming live via satellite direct, right through your brand new motherfuckin’ super-mega-screen Home Monitor system…

Atlantic Recording Corporation, 75 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, New York 10019. A Time Warner Company. (P) © 1992 Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the United States. All Rights Reserved. Printed in U.S.A. Warning: Unauthorized reproduction of this recording is prohibited by Federal law and subject to criminal prosecution.

7 82418-2
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