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Celebrating Our Shared Musical Heritage

Darkling & The Bluebird

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Joe Crookston
Darkling & the BlueBird Jubilee

Milagrito Records

1. I Sing (2:33)
banjo. stomp. feel. trouble. fear. joy. choice. action. persevere. continue. rest. reprieve.

2. Caitlin at the Window (4:17)
caitlin. macnamara. dylan thomas. poetry. whiskey. grief. solitude. wales. poem. 1953. drunk. anger. superimpose. jeff. left. too. soon. cello. Chris. self. destruct. casket. loss.

3. Mercy Now (5:10)
tenor. peter. compassion. mary. trouble. country. hope. aging. fear. light. me. you.

4. Good Luck John (3:42)
taoist. 3000. years. zen. perspective. parable. let. go. belief. story. really? we'll. see. present. bad. good. bad. good.

5. The Nazarene (4:42)
hell. divine. mental. ill? divine. connection? catholic. confuse. question. boy. boy. guitar. kathryn. dream. up. dream. up. top. of. the. stairs. true?

6. Darkling & the BlueBird Jubilee (3:20)
good? bad? hope. cynicism. triumph? be. accept. struggle. battle. accept. good? bad? evil. dark. light. transcend. continue. overcome.

7. Everything Here is Good (3:21)
balance. juggle. stable? tilt. tilt. smile. hurt. hello. fine. hurt. wine. fear. pretend. smile. inside. lost. sculpture. ukulele. denial. smile. denial. smile.

8. Wilderness Alone (3:21)
wander. accept. burden. joy. climb. hard. climb. joy. seek. seek. not. honest. hurt. honest. thrive. way.

9. Blue (3:43)
drive. cello. swirl. look. foot. stomp. dminor. regret. wish. you. were. here.

10. A Friend Like You (3:22)
gospel. steve. goodenough. we. we. leslie. connection. ease. fun. us. us. dance. shake. no. more. joy. us. we. you. me.

11. To Keep You Warm
josie. cherry. dad. papa. cheesy? sentimental? love. love. accept. work. give. hope. fear. protect. raise. work. be. papa.

12. Darkling/BlueBird (Fear & Transcend) (3:59)
winner? battle. grapple. good. evil. good. hope. cynicism. always. always. always. hope. the. end. the. beginning.

There is a quote by Georgia O'Keefe. I'm paraphrasing it ... it goes something like: "The parts of ourselves that we are the most self conscious of are the parts of ourselves that are most true to and unique to who we are." I thought about these words a lot while recording this CD. Recording quirky folk music in an American Idol world. The songs and stories that connect me to you ... that's the offering I have to give. These songs sing to me, and I give them to you. I had a great time stomping my foot, playing my fretless gourd banjo (built for me by Peter Luellen), singing in harmony with Kathryn, and working with Will Russell at Electric Wilburland. Thank you, Will, for your unwavering skill, humor, and meticulous dedication to this project!

Do you know who inspires me?


Thank You Kathryn Caldwell, Josie Rae Crookston, Peter Glanville (For your great musicianship and friendship during this project!), Chris White, Barbara Manners, Barb Prisament. Amy Blake, The Goodenough Community, Colette & John Hoff, Dyanne Harshman, NERFA, Tim Grimm, Elisabeth Harrod, Mike Levy & Beth Taplitz, Pat Wictor, Jason Rafalak, Rj Cowdery, Tom & Vicki Belinoski, The Kerrville Folk Festival, Cathy tenBroeke, Margaret Miles, Louie, Cheryl Prashker, Mike Ellis, Brian Coughlin, Bruce Perler, Chris Kocher, Cliff Seltzer, Steve Coccia, KC Cliffor, David Broyles, Deb & Lindsey Rouse, Steve Gretz, Leslie Lee, Lisa Grey, Nancy Haslam, Paul Cooper, Don & Lori Bedell, Carrie Elkin, Doug Dangler, Doug Levine, Greg Pitts, Jeff Robertson, Debra Chesman, Jim Colbert, Becca Derry (thanks for the banjo!), Gretchen Baker-Smith, Tim and Kathy Wahl, Erik Balkey, Charlie Miller, Brad Yoder, Gene Frey, Ramona LaBarre, Angela Page, Rich Warren, Gene Shay, Mike Agranoff, Phil Shapiro, Texas, Robert Hurley, Connie Gray, Austin Kessler, Ruth Post, David Post, Kit & John, Susan Reiss, Tom Yeager, Dalis Allen, Chris O'Brien, Greg Klyma, Barbara Roehrer, Ernie Lawrence, Annie & Danny, Ralph Hunt, Judy Gradford, Joanne Melosh-Dezego, Kathy Sands-Boehmer, Six String Concerts, Myra & Steve, Mac McLanaham, Dan D'Arcy, randy & Gaye Auxier, Liz Freeman, bob & Pat Hofbauer, Dolores and Pat, Jim & Sheila Brann, Bob Walters, my firends at Puget Ridge Cohousing, Bruce & Sue Andrews, Ken Batista, Bird, Dee, Rob, Gabriella, Henry Burton, Petertz & Daphne, Michael Terry, Mike Hall, Peigi Cook, Tracey Craig, Len Cross, Richard Cuccaro, Anna Dagmar, Mike Delveccio, Christin Deleon, David Glasser, Robby Hecht, Tribes Hill, Rick Rock, Trudy James, Michael Kornfeld, Maggi Landau, Scott & Paula Moore, Dan Murdoch, Mette Hanson, John Platt, Don Porterfield, Lindsay Mac, Crystal Sarakas, Susan Forbes Hansen, Mary Sue Twohey, Bob Weiser, Ray Baumler, Soctt Regan, Clytia Fuller ... Thank you.

And that you to YOU for listening, coming to shows, and being part of my musical journey. Love, Joe


Joe Crookston: Acoustic & Electric guitar, ukulele, accordion, percussion, piano, vocals, fretless gourd banjo


Peter Glanville - Tenor & electric guitar
Kathryn Caldwell - Harmony vocals
Chris White - Cello
Pat Wictor - Dobro
Dana Billings - Percussion
Jason Rafalak - Bass
Leslie Lee - Harmony vocals
Steve Gretz - Harmony vocals
Hank Roberts - Cello
Kevin Maul - Pedal steel
Noah Van Norstrand - Mandolin


Produced by Joe Crookston
Recorded by Will Russell at Electric Wilburland, Newfield, NY (October 2010 - February 2011)
Mixed by Will Russell and Joe Crookston at Electric Wilburland
Mastered by Will Russell at Electric Wilburland
Graphic Design by Leslie Lee

Back cover photo by Kevin Corkrean
Front cover painting by Joe Crookston
Photos of front cover artwork by Michael Grace-Martin

All songs written by Joe Crookston (C) 2011, except "Mercy Now" written by Mary Gauthier

Thank You! for spreading the word about my music, purchasing CDs, and for supporting independent music.

so it is and I'll always be singing hallelujah jubilee with sorrow and darkness surrounding me
I'm singing jubilee


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Copyright (C) 2011 Joe Crookston
All Rights Reserved
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