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Celebrating Our Shared Musical Heritage



Dave Pahanish

Wright of Center Music

1. Just Enough To Let You Go

2. Masterpiece

3. Peace Pipe

4. Have A Good Time

5. Creation

6. Number 2

7. Guitar Case

8. Gypsi

9. Honest Times

Bonus Tracks

10. Front Porch Swing

11. Completely Yours

Produced and Mixed by Dave Pahanish
Mastered by Patrick Granada
Artwork by Dean Tomasek

Players and Participants:

Larry Powell, Mike Wolofsky, Steve Wolfe, Rachel Loy, Adam Box, Tom Bukovac, Panfish, Cory Branan, Cody Tate, Kelly Clarke, The Bongers, David Warren, John Deaderick. Hugh Mitchell, David Santos, Owen Canavan, The Building, Daniel Lawrence Walker, David Huff, Dave Oakleaf, Anthony Billups, Steve Sinatra, Cody Cannon

Special thanks to my love, my wife, my muse Kristin Lee.

Copyright 2013
Sony Publishing/Wright of Center Music 

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