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Chris English

1. Sunrise :43

2. Dreamtown** 4:53

3. I Can See Everything*** 4:26

4. Autumn 4:55

5. Downtime* 3:50

6. Without You 4:11

7. Into The Blue 3:51

8. I Can Take It 4:36

9. Summer Revisited* 3:21

10. Sunshine Routine* 4:07

11. The River 4:29

12. The Letter 4:35

13. God Is In The Silence 6:42

14. I Can See Everything (Radio Edit) 4:04

All songs 2008 english tunes/ASCAP
All material written, performed, mixed and produced at The Guest Room, Charlotte, NC by Chris English, except:

* © 2008 Chris English/David Beard

** Recorded, Engineered and Produced by Rob Tavaglione at Catalyst Recording, Charlotte, NC

Guitar and Lead Vocal: Chris English
Guitar and Backing Vocal: Hudson Welch
Backing Vocal and Percussion: Beth Brown
Bass and Backing Vocal: Otis.

*** Fretless Bass – Kirk Famularo

Mastered by Rob Tavaglione at Maximum Mastering, Charlotte, NC

Chris English – Vocals, Acoustic and electric guitars, piano and synthesizers

All manner of keyboards, Fretless and fretted bass, Banjo, Mandolin, Tap wood guitar, Drums, Percussion, Electric sitar, arrangements and orchestration. Various sounds, Effects.

Production Assistance: David M. Beard
CD Packaging design by: Brian Battles
Photography: L. Costales and Mary Pittman

Thanks and much gratitude to the following:

The Creator, My Family, Bob and Mary Pittman, Donna Oliver, Kendyl Messer, Mike and Pat Pittman, Terry, Clair & Joe Pittman and Kelly, Dee Oliver, Brenda & Ed Decker, Roger Oliver, Wendell Oliver, Emmalee & James Bulter, Jess, Megan & Jacob Peters, Dave & Donna Denton, Dave Denton, Jr., Jim Myers, Jesse Nivens, Avery Gordon, Beverly & Charlie Connor and Family, Mary & David Flood, The Sweetwater Reunion, Victoria & Steve Linder, Drexel Rayford, Jerry Nance, Craig Duncan, Miller Wright, Gary Michaels, Tall Paul, Bob Davidson, Jamie Venable, Richard Steele, David Page, Mark Matthews, Danny Scruggs, Bill Altwater, Kirk & Caroline Famularo, Tom Pope, Studio Displays, Ann Johnson, Kris Krull, David Nash, Terry Laster, David Huffsteler, Frank & Sandy Rogers, Bob Davis, Roger & Emmy Tharrington, Moi & Cheryl Monroe, Bill & Beth Kirch, Beth Brown, Otis/Dear Druid, Rob Knox, Hudson Welch, Tony Brown, Patrick & Kirsten Korson, Chris Blankenburg, Greg Simcoe, Valerie Trotter, Sam Detweiler, Colin & Beverly Reet, Phil Quartararo, Myke Michaels, Phil Rutledge & Linda Alley, Rocky & Jane Rateree, The Late Don “Bongo”/”Rebel Helms” Swan, Jim & Daisy Payseur, Chip Donovan, Dede Vogt, Melanie Hammer, Richard & Jimmy Thomas, R. Thomas & Son Deluxe Grill, Whitlock Dunbar, Nancy Neyhard, Mike Regan at Guitar Center – Charlotte, Kim Deese, Charles Olius, Gus Galoosis III, Ryan Miller, Joe Cloninger, Jeremy Graf, Chris & Nancy Wilson, Moving Pictures, Bob & Kim Biondi-Morgan, Keith Watson, Frank & Debbie Perez, Charles Meauhead, Ali Gharib, Guthrie Cooper, Ken Ford, Douglas McKay, Michael Stephens, Earleen Hicks and the SAPC Choir, Pastor Flo, Larry’s Music & Sound in Hickory, Marco Heeter, Randolph & Abigail Lewis, Nicole Schoepflin, Bill & Jane Joyner, Bob Stetler, Volatile Baby, The Flaming Hay Belles (Gina Stewart, Brenda Gamhill, Pamela Bob, Allison Modafferi, Irvin Bostian, Mike “Jonesy” Jones, Greg Lilley, Jon Singleton), Lea & Joe Kuhlman, Steve Holt, Leo Converse, Scott Shipley, John Foster, Alan & Bryan Burton, Jimmy & John Saviano, Kevin Lamers, Little Shiva, Cat Ballou, Sneaky Pete & Maggie, Jen Horne & David Webster, Whole World Theatre, Eddie’s Attic, The Dark Horse Tavern, The Milestone, The Point (RIP), David Pierce & Romeo Cologne, Cookie, Hardcore Lounge, Chris & Wes Johnson, Conrad Hunter, Mark Williams, Reflection Studios, Kevin Cosgrove, Billy Porteet, Randy Honeycutt, Catalyst Sound, Tammy & Clay Richardson, Lava Love, 1313 & The Perodactyl (RIP), Paul & Sherry Andrews, Laurie Zerwer, The Chameleon Club (RIP), Jeff Lowery, The 40 Watt Club, 1808 (RIP), Mike Plumides, The Brewery, Cat’s Cradle, The Fallout Shelter, Pat’s “Time For One More” (RIP), NODA, Samir & Divakar Shukla, Doe & Jean Russell, The Neighborhood Theatre, Bernie, Jeanne & Chris Brown and all of The Visulate Theatre, Lupie’s, The Avante Gardners, The Vortex, The fine staff at The Penguin, Ray Gantt, Mark Griesbauer and Kathy Jolly at Unitour Productions and a tip of the hat to Greg Russell.  
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