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Employment (2005)

Kaiser Chiefs

Universal Music


1. Everyday I Love You Less and Less

2. I Predict A Riot

3. Modern Way

4. Na Na Na Na Naa

5. You Can Have It Al
6. Oh My God

7. Born To Be A Dancer

8. Saturday Night

9. What Did I Ever Give You?

10. Time Honoured Tradition

11. Caroline, Yes

12. Team Mate


How To Play Employment
An exciting new CD suitable for 6 million listeners

Some of the songs go a bit like this: singing:

Bank on the Kaiser Chiefs
Exchange Rate: 10 Shirkers to 1 Skaiver
Your licence to print money)

Peanut – Keyboards
Nick Hodgson – Vocals, Drums
Simon Rix – Bass Guitar
Ricky Wilson – Vocals
Andrew White – Guitars

Photos: Andy Melchior, Stevie Dean, Jason Kelvin

All songs published as sheet music by Universal Music Publishing Ltd who kindly allowed the band to reproduce our own lyrics hereto for a nominal fee. Thank you.

The value:
All tracks have been timed and have been found to generally run to the following lengths: 3’37 3’57 4’53 3’00 4’35 3’34 3’30 3’26 4’09 2’45 4’10 3’24

The Authors: All songs supplied by Hodgson Wilson White Rix & Baines Ltd: Commissioners Of Oafs

Lab-coated technicians: Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 –
Produced by Mr. Stephen Street
Engineered by Mr. Cenzo Townsend

Mixed by Mr. Stephen Street and Mr. Cenzo Townsend at the Bunker, Olympic Studios, London

Additional engineer and editing by Mr. Tom Stanley

Tracks 1, 2 and 6 Recorded at Olympic Studios, Barnes London, Tracks 3, 4 and 8 recorded at Town House Studios London

Tracks 5, 7, 9, 10, 11 and 12 –
Produced by Mr. Stephen Harris at Chapel Studios, South Thoresby, Lincolnshire.
Additional engineer: Mr. Evan Davies

Mixed by Mr. Stephen Harris, at Eden Studios, Chiswick, London. Additional engineer Uomo Dario Dendi.

Mastered by Master Simon Francis at Masterpiece.
Daytime Play Tracks: 9-5

The cabaret: Paul Bolton for Helter Skelter (World except USA)
Matt Hickey for High Road Touring (USA)

The management: James Sandom, Mick Webster and Paul Craig for SuperVision Management Ltd

Graham Coxon’s motorbike, (1935 Kaiser ‘Chief’ 750cc Manx TT Works Racer) appears courtesy of Transcopic Records

Why Thankyou:

James Dewar, Tim Hodgson, Martina Harvey, Stephen Street, Mick Webster, James Sandom, Tom Stanley, Cenzo Townsend, Anna Goodall, Lucas Radebe, Andy Fallon Nest and her family. Steven Harris, Mark Lewis, Martin Toher, Paul Harris Jewie and Katie Alex Kapranos, Cerne Canning, Charlie Paul and everyone at Itch Nick McCarthy, Rob Overseer, Paul Thompson, Bob Hardy, Mark Hubbard, Kristine Appel, Darren Eastwood, Mike Darling, Christian Bayley, Munch Ewan, Will Rob, Andy and Sam at The Chapel, Max at The Townhouse, Dario at Eden, Sean Adams, Fleur Pekkes, Gareth Dobson, Zane Lowe, Mido, Steve Lamacq, Andrew Kronfeld, Penny Darbyshire, Monte Lipman, Andy Melchior, Imran Ahmed, Tim Jonze, Simon Moran, John Cornwell, Paul Bolton, Sarahphotogirl, Paddy and Tori at Badmoon, Big Tony Brookes, Samuel Preston, Charley Stanley, William Brown, James Gregory, Dan, Maccum, Rob and Mark, Harvey Smith, Matt Hickey, Chloe Walsh, Rob Lynch and Julie Thompson at Anglo, Paul Craig, Sarah Roberts, Cally Callomon, Neil Brackenridge, Dougie Bruce, Mike McCormack, Chris Hassell, Richard Todd, Colin Oliver, Everyone at The Cockpit, Nanna Sandom, Dave Bunn, Dave Creffield, Jonny Hall, Alison Lynch and Stu Moots, Matt Roo, Adam at Pravda, Jim Dobson, Graham Coxon, Dylan Bray, Rachel Dicks, Karen Williams, Warren Higgens, Stephen Ackroyd, Nick Scott, Ashley Kollakowski, Mark Mitchell, Jonathan Green, Gavin Maude, Terry Geldart, Ben Durling and especially our families, mums and dads, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunties, cousins, nieces and nephews.

New Is. Games.
The Latest and Best.

Tiddley – Winks
Trente – Six

May be seen at all Stationers and Fancy Dealers

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