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Featured Producer
Featured Producer

One of the most mysterious parts of the recording process is the "Producer." What does a Producer do? What is the Producers role?

In the early years of recording, the Producer was the brains behind the entire project. Overseeing the selection of songs, the Engineers and Second Engineers and all the minutia of the recording process.

The Producer was also a key figure in the arrangement of the songs, deciding the attitude of the recording and shaping the direction of the songs and sessions. Very often, the Producer was insightful enough to 'create' a strong and effective artist (i.e., George Martin - The Beatles producer) or could just as easily derail a career (example: Owen Bradley - Buddy Holly's first producer).

Eventually, with the advent of more artists becoming their own Producer, the concept of Producer has become a little more watered down. Sometimes, the artist is unable to clearly capture their own songs as a Producer, some artists need the guidance of an outside ear to help them through the recording process. This makes a good Producer still an essential part of the recording process.

At AlbumLinerNotes.com, we believe that a strong Producer has the vision to empower a new group and the wisdom to lead an established artist down another path. We are going to use this page to highlight a particular Producer, spotlighting their work, which you will find links to here.

Our first Featured Producer is:

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