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Dixie Chicks

NK 68675


1. Ready To Run
Martie Seidel and Marcus Hummon
© 1999 Woolly Puddin’ Music Administered by Bug Music/Careers - BMG Music Publishing, Inc./Floyd’s Dream Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

2. If I Fall You’re Going Down With Me
Matraca Berg and Annie Rohoff
© 1999 Hillbillith Music/Songs of Sally Sue’s Medicine Show (BMI)/Almo Music Corp./Anwa Music (ASCAP) All rights on behalf of Songs of Sally Sue’s Medicine Show controlled and administered by Music Corporation of America, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

3. Cowboy Take Me Away
Martie Seidel and Marcus Hummon
© 1999 Woolly Puddin’ Music Administered by Bug Music/Careers - BMG Music Publishing, Inc./Floyd’s Dream Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

4. Cold Day In July
Richard Leigh
© 1982 EMI U Catalog Inc./Lion-Hearted Music (ASCAP). All Rights Controlled and Administered by EMI April Music Inc.
All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. Used By Permission.

5. Goodbye Earl
(The Dixie Chicks do not advocate premeditated murder, but love getting even.)
Dennis Linde
© 1999 EMI Blackwood Music Inc./Rising Gorge Music (BMI) All Rights Controlled and Administered by EMI Blackwood Music Inc.
All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission. International Copyright Secured.

6. Hello Mr. Heartache
Michael Henderson and John Hadley
© 1999 Irving Music Inc./Chickenshack Songs (BMI)/Sony/ATV Songs LLC/John Hadley Songs (BMI) All rights on behalf of Sony/ATV Songs LLC and John Hadley Songs admin. by Sony/ATV Music Publishing. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

7. Don’t Waste Your Heart
Emily Robison and Natalie Maines
© 1999 Woolly Puddin’ Music (BMI)/Scrapin’ Toast Music (ASCAP)
Administered by Bug Music. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

8. Sin Wagon
Natalie Maines, Emily Robison and Stephony Smith
© 1999 Scrapin’ Toast Music (ASCAP)/Woolly Puddin’ Music. Administered by Bug Music/EMI Blackwood Music Inc./Singles Only Music (BMI).
All Rights for Singles Only Music Controlled and Administered by EMI Blackwood Music Inc.
All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. Used By Permission.

9. Without You
Natalie Maines and Eric Silver
© 1999 Scrapin’ Toast Music (ASCAP)/Woolly Puddin’ Music. Administered by Bug Music/EMI Blackwood Music Inc./Singles Only Music (BMI).
All Rights for Singles Only Music Controlled and Administered by EMI Blackwood Music Inc.
All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. Used By Permission.

10. Some Days You Gotta Dance
Troy Johnson and Marshall Morgan
© 1997 Sony/ATV Tunes LLC/Beavers Brand Music/Song Auction Music.
All rights on behalf od Sony/ATV Songs LLC admin. by Sony/ATV Music Publishing. All rights for Beavers Brand Music admin. by CMI. All rights for Song Auction Music admin. by MRBI (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission. International Copyright Secured.

11. Hole In My Head
Buddy Miller and Jim Lauderdale
© 1997 Martha Road Music/Tinkie Tunes (ASCAP) Admin. by Bug Music/Mighty Nice Music/Laudersongs (BMI) Administered by Bluewater Music Corp. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission. International Copyright Secured.

12. Heartbreak Town
Darrell Scott
© 1996 EMI April Music Inc./House of Bram (ASCAP)
All Rights Controlled and Administered by EMI
April Music Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission. International Copyright Secured.

13. Let Him Fly
Patty Griffin
© 1996 One Big Love Music/ChromeDog Music (ASCAP).
All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Produced by Blake Chancey & Paul Worley

A&R Direction by Cliff Audretch
Recorded by Billy Sherrill at Westwood Sound Studio, Nashville, TN and Sound Kitchen, Franklin, TN
Assistant engineering and Pro Tools editing by Tony Castle
Mixed by John Guess at the Workstation, Nashville, TN, assisted by Patrick Murphy
Mastered by Denny Purcell, assisted by Jonathan Russell
Digitally edited by Eric Conn and Carlos Grier at Georgetown Masters, Nashville, TN
Additional engineering at The Money Pit, Westwood and The Work Station by Tony Castle, Mark Martin, Christopher Rowe and Clarke Schleicher

Strings on “Without You” arranged and conducted by Dennis Burnside
Music preparation by Chris Dunn
Production Coordination by Deb Boyle
A&R Coordination by Mark East and Kay Smith
Art Direction: Tracy Baskette and Bill Johnson
Consulting Photo Session Art Director: Dari Marder
Consulting Cover Design: Gina Binkley
Photography: Moshe Brakha, Albert Sanchez and Ed Rode
Butterfly Wings by Kjell B. Sandved

The Glam Squad is: Stylist Renee Fowler; Make-up: Candace Burton, Stacey Martin, Debra Ferullo, Maital Sabbon
Hair: Melanie Shelley, Michael Silva, Alex Dizon, Daniel Erdman, Jennifer Davis

Management: Simon Renshaw
Senior Management Agency: North America: Buddy Lee Attractions/Paul Lohr
Europe: Primary Talent/Nigel Hassler


Natalie Maines - lead vocals, harmony vocals
Martie Seidel - harmony vocals, fiddle viola
Emily Robison - harmony vocals, banjo, dobro, lap steel, acoustic guitar
Greg Morrow - drums
Michael Rhodes - bass guitar
Steve Nathan - B-3 organ, keyboards
Matt Rollings - B-3 organ, keyboards
Pat Buchanan - electric guitar
Paul Worley - acoustic guitar
Lloyd Maines - steel guitar
Terry McMillan - percussion
Tom Roady - percussion
Steve Conn - accordion
John Mock - tin whistle, bodhran drum, concertina
George Marinell - electric guitar (Cold Day In July/Hello Mr. Heartache)
Mike Henderson - electric guitar (Hole In My Head)
Keith Urban - electric guitar (Some Days You Gotta Dance)
Marcus Hummon - acoustic guitar (Ready To Run)
Dennis Linde - acoustic guitar (Goodbye Earl)
Bryan Sutton - acoustic guitar (Sin Wagon)
Adam Steinberg - acoustic guitar (Let Him Fly/Without You)
Billy Joe Walker Jr. - acoustic guitar (Ready To Run/Without You)

violin - Martie Seidel, Carl Gorodetzky, Pamela Sixfin, Lee Larrison, Conni Ellisor, Alan Umstead, David Davidson, Mary Katherine Vanosdale, David Angell, Janet Askey, Karen Winklemann, Cate Myer, Catherine Umstead

viola - Kris Wilkinson, Jiim Grosjean, Gary Vanosdale, Monisa Angell

cello - Bob Mason, John Catchings

Iffy Harmony on Goodbye Earl - The “Do-Wrongs” Blake Chancey, Paul Worley, Charlie Robison
Hand Claps - Emily, Natalie, Blake, Charlie


Steve Conn appears courtesy of not really records
Mike Henderson appears courtesy of Dead Reckoning Recods
Marcus Hummon appears courtesy of Cheap Records
Terry McMillan appears courtesy of Giant Records
Charlie Robison appears courtesy of Lucky Dog Records
Randy Scruggs appears courtesy of Warner Bros. Records
Bryan Sutton appears courtesy of Sugar Hill Records
keith urban appears courtesy of Capitol Records Nashville

Why Fly? Beacuse Sin Wagon would be “appropriate” and O.K. the obvious: We’re chicks, chicks have wings, chicks learn to fly, these chicks racked up frequent flyer miles, but if you would allow three blondes to take a quick dive into the deep end (one hour after eating of course) here goes. Martie came into the studio (late as usual) and said “How about FLY?” We all three knew from that moment on it had to be the name. When the album was completed we were surprised too by how many references to “fly” there actually are. It wasn’t until later that all the meanings surfaced. We’ve always wanted our albums to be a snapshot in time, a look into our lives. We felt “I’m Gonna Let Him Fly” put Natalie’s need to fly on her own into words, and “Fly this girl as high as you can” (Cowboy Take Me Away) spoke of Emily finally finding true love. The most important of all is our career taking flight. Thanks to the following people for helping us to fly:

The fans for inspiring us to continue our journey through the wide open spaces: country radio for knowing a good thing when you hear it (he, he) we truly know what you have done for our career: the aardvark for making us first, no second priority after booty call: and to the Road Rats “hammer?...dang near porker.” Thanks for enduring the view from behind: Special thanks to everyone at Senior Management (Simon Renshaw, Karen Sternberg, Susie Krampf, JoAnn Burnside, Deanna Kenisell) for dealing daily with a woman’s right change her mind: The Glam Squad thanks for the spangles, spackle and shellac, but most of al for the laughs.

An additionally Dixie Chick shout out to all our Fly homies:

Allen Butler, Mike Kraski, Dale Libby, Blake Chancey, Margie Hunt, Peter Asher and the worldwide Sony family; The Monument team Larry Pareigis, Bart Allmand, Mike Ring, Pamela Newman, Bob Reeves, Phil Little, Tommy Laird: The Road Rats - Tommy Nash, Bobby Charles Shumate, Jr., Ben Slaght, Brian Petree, Fern Alvarez, Bart Lingley, Tim Sergent, Howard Duck, Johnny Branham, Scott Huber, Crash Hearn, Terry Ford, Darrell Davis, chris Reyes and Lisa Sullivan; The Glam Squad - Renee Fowler, Candy Burton, Melanie Shelley and Trim, Stacey Martin, and Maital Sabbon; Kathy Allmand & FrontPage (Thank you, Thank you, Thank you); Al Hagaman; Ellen Porter, and the O’Neil Hagaman staff; Paul Lohr and Buddy Lee Attractions; Scott Siman; Brian Williams; John Beiter, Ken Kraus; John McBride & MD Claire Bros.; Todd Oldham and Conn Brattain; Nancy Rosenblatt; Crom Tidwell; Gary Vanosdale; Dick Hanson; Ocea; Johnny Thorn; Buck Owens; Barbara and Farrell Trask; Lloyd and Tina Maines; Paul and Maria Erwin.

FREE STUFF Shure Microphones, Taylor Guitars, Fender Guitars, D’Addario Strings, Deering Banjos.

Special Thanks

N - Wow y’all, the past year and a half has been overwhelming and wonderful. I would first mainly like to thank the fans who bought WIDE OPEN SPACES, and most of all the ones who came to the shows arm in arm with their friends singing every word. It reminds me of me, my sister and all our friends going to see a concert. You make us enjoy what we do more than you’ll ever know. The making of this record was so much fun.
Thanks Paul & Blake for being mentally and creatively on the same planet as us. Thanks Martie and Emily for being my best friends - I can’t think of two better people to be learning about this crazy life with. I dedicate this album to Nana and Mamaw - I love you.
Finally I want to thank God for giving me the courage to find true love and happiness for myself and helping me to remember that life’s too short not to.

E - As we approached the second album, I realized the only way for me to be truly inspired and focused was to return to that place in time when we had nothing to lose - to write songs that were meant to be great songs, not necessarily singles, gather songs based on purpose, not politics, and to pick and sing like we were still holding band practice in the middle of my living room. I truly believe we did it.
But despite my need to revisit that “place” for the making of FLY, I realized I have grown and I have experienced things that would change me for the rest of my life.
I thank God and my parents who have made this life possible for me.
Paul and Blake, thank you for your endless supply of patience (lap steel overdubs), good ideas, and your friendship. Karen, I am indebted to you. I appreciate everything you did to help me focus on this album and I will always remember it. Martie and Natalie, when the very things that tear others apart only bring us closer together, you know we have something incredible. I love y’all.
Most of all, Charlie, my best friend, my husband, thank you for our beautiful love, happy tears, laughing ‘til it hurts, and for making me fly.

M - On several occasions this past year and a half, I’ve stopped dead in my tracks, heart pounding, tears welling up, asking myself why I am so blessed. I am getting to do what I’ve always dreamed of doing. I have the most supportive husband, family, friends, and parents who had the forethought to turn off the T.V. and put books and instruments in our hands. Most importantly I have a healthy step-son who inclueds me in his bedtime prayers and forgives me for not being home as much as I used to be.
When I hear an audience sing “You Were Mine” and Buck Owens say he loves the Dixie Chicks, it becomes so clear to me why I love being a Chick.
To Simon: “The reality is...” you ROCK and I love you to death.
Paul & Blake: You guys have huge hearts and huge talent. Thanks for always looking out for us Chickies first.
Who better to share this incredible dream and an 8’ x 40’ space, with than two women for whom I have mountains of respect and love, Emily and Natalie (my appendages). I love it when we laugh hysterically at a joke no one else in the room thinks is funny, or  that on our “time off” we end up spending it together, and especially that you guys can so easily sink to my level of warpedness. I adore you girls!
I want to equally thank a man who gives the greatest advice in the world and constantly redefines the role of step-father. Farrell this moonshot is for you.

COVER ART - The butterfly wings on the cover were taken from Kjell B. Sandved’s “Butterfly Alphabet”. This collection of photographs culminates nearly a quarter century’s search for letters adn numerals on the wings of butterflies and moths. All insects were photographed without being caught or killed.


The Dixie Chicks are proud to support the conservation efforts of World Wildlife Fund and will give a portion of their proceeds from this album to World Wildlife Fund. For more information on how you can help, visit WWF’s website at www.worldwidlife.org.

Web Site: www.dixiechicks.com

This Compact Disc was manufactured to meet critical quality standards. If you believe the disc has a manufacturing defect, please call our Quality Management Department at 1-800-255-7514. New Jersey residents should call 609-722-8224.

© 1999 Sony Music Entertainment Inc./Manufactured by Sony Music Entertainment Inc./550 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022 3211/ “Monument” and are trademarks of Sony Music Entertainment Inc./WARNING: All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.
NK 69678

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