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Glass Harp (LP)
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1. Can You See Me (6:25)
(Dan Pecchio – Phil Keaggy)

2. Children’s Fantasy (4:10)
(Phil Keaggy)

3. Changes (In The Heart of My Own True Love)
(Jon Sferra)

4. Village Queen (4:00)
(Dan Pecchio)

5. Black Horse
(John Sferra)

6. Southbound (3:50)
(John Sferra)

7. Whatever Life Demands (6:30)
(Phil Keaggy – Dan Pecchio)

8. Look In The Sky (8:10)
(Phil Keaggy – John Sferra – Dan Pecchio)

9. Gardern
(Phil Keaggy – John Sferra – Dan Pecchio)

10. On Our Own (2:30)
(Phil Keaggy – John Sferra)

11. Voice of God*
(Phil Keaggy)

*Previously Unreleased Bonus Track

All tracks courtesy of Geffen Records © 2005 Music Mill Entertainment, LLC. (P) 2005 & Manufactured by Universal Music Enterprises, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc. Santa Monica, CA 90404


At the dawn of the 1970’s, Northeast Ohio was as a goldmine of rising musical talent. The music represented at places like The Agora in Cleveland and JB’s in Kent provided dozens of bands a chance to hone their craft in front of attentive peers and audiences alike. It was from this scene that the world came to know groups such as The James Gang, The Raspberries and Glass Harp.

Formed in Youngstown in the late 1960’s, Glass Harp quickly formed a large local following by its frequent bookings into clubs, high schools and colleges. Phil Keaggy, John Sferra and Daniel Pecchio’s combined talents and influences created something unique and exciting to watch. They could rock the house as a Cream-like power trio, created beautiful harmonies akin to the Beatles or Moody Blues and explore themes and improvisation like a jazz group.

Soon, management and record companies started to notice the buzz surrounding Glass Harp. Signed to Decca Records, the band members packed their things and headed to New York to start work on their first full album. To add prestige to the buzz, producer Lewis Merenstein, fresh off of albums from The Spencer Davis Group, John Cale as well as Grammy-winning work with Van Morrison, was enlisted to oversee the recording.

Recorded at Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Lady Studios, Glass Harp basted the band’s signature songs as well as hints of what was to come. Keaggy’s spiritual “Can You See Me” and “Look In The Sky” demonstrated not only his guitar virtuosity, but also a growing commitment to creating great music of faith. John Sferra showed his wide-range of talent as not just a drummer, but also as a singer/songwriter from the fiery “Changes,” to the dreamlike “Southbound.” Dan Pecchio’s great ear for rock and soul is heard on several songs, including his own “Village Queen.” Augmented by a wide range of sting and wind instruments, Glass Harp is a stunning achievement and feast for the ears, and only the beginning for what would turn into a short but extremely influential run as a group.

Also included in this collection is a previously unreleased 1969 demo version of “Voice of God.” Phil originally recorded all parts of this song on his multi-track reel-to-reel tape recorder. Glass Harp didn’t perform this song live probably because of all the multi-tracking and effects. Only the songs already well known by the band qualified for the debut album. Since the band didn’t know the song prior to entering the studio, “Voice of God” did not get recorded. In retrospect, it would have fit well with the se of Merenstein’s production. For more abut this song, visit www.glassharp.net.

Out of print domestically for over three decades, Music Mill Entertainment is proud to re-issue all three Glass Harp volumes as a tribute to this pioneering band.

Original cover artwork courtesy of Bill Amey
Liner notes courtesy of Bob Brandt
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