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Globe Of Frogs


Robyn Hitchcock and The Egyptians
Globe Of Frogs

A&M Records
A&M SP 5182


From The Original Vinyl LP

Side One:

1. Tropical Flesh Mandala (2:48)

2. Vibrating (2:59)

3. Balloon Man (3:32)

4. Luminous Rose

5. Sleeping With Your Devil Mask


Side Two:

1. Unsettled

2. Chinese Bones (4:22)

3. A Globe Of Frogs (4:15)

4. The Shapes Between Us Turn Into Animals (3:25)

5. Flesh Number One (Beatle Dennis)


SOMEWHERE inside a glowing kernel of peace is an irritant – an inflamed seed that messes up the organism. We are best seen as conductors, through which solids, air and liquids flow constantly, matched by a whorl of loosely related thoughts. If I am a prophet of chaos, then this is truly my age; but perhaps I am a prophet of order, recoiling in disgust from the uncontrollable force of life. Inside and out. This album does not deal with the conventional problems of so-called ‘real’ life; relationships, injustice, politics, and central heating systems, about which it’s notoriously hard to talk because orthodox lines of cliché have been devised for and against everything. In the short span of a song – let alone a newspaper – it is easy to descend to slogans and dogma. Thatcher is bad, vegetables are good, show business is indifferent. Everybody who wants to know that know it already. The dinosaurs graze in the last warm valley, avoiding the icy winds. To go into ‘issues’ at the length they merit requires the depth – and double talk – of a politician. I’m concentrating instead on the organic. All of us exist in a swarming, pulsating world, driven mostly by an unconscious that we ignore and misunderstand. Within the framework of ‘civilization’ we remain as savage as possible. Against the dense traffic of modern life, we fortify our animal selves with video violence, imaginary sex, and music: Screw you, mate – here I go! One side, mother ___er! Give it to me, baby, as often and as beautifully as possible – Eat lead, infidel scum. Mostly we contain ourselves. Sexual crimes and private murders are still news (Legalized murders, though, such as executions, wars and the systematic deprivation of the helpless, seldom make the headlines). But our inflamed and disoriented psyches smoulder on beneath the wet leaves of habit. Insanity is big business. And vice versa. Religion isn’t dead either. The AntiChrist will have access to computers, television, radio and compact disc. If he walks among us already, the chances are that he has a walkman. I just hope it’s not Christ himself, disillusioned after two thousand years in a cosmic sitting room full of magazines and cheeseplants, turned malignant and rotting in despair at the way his message has been perverted. My contention is, however – and it’s a bloody obvious one – that beneath our civilized glazing, we are all deviants, all alone, and all peculiar. This flies in the face of mass marketing, but I’m sticking with it. So loosen your spine, bury your television, and welcome to a Globe of Frogs ….

Robyn Hitchcock
November 1987


All songs written by Robyn Hitchcock and published by Two Crabs Music (PRS)

Produced by Hitchcock, Metcalfe, Windsor and Collier
Recorded at Alaska RIP and the Groovehouse, London, 1987

Engineers: Pat Collier, Iain O’Higgins, Paul Gadd, Jessica Corcoran, Noel Thompson, Stuart Farndern & Steve Nunn.

Production Assistance: Simon Kunath
Paintings by Robyn Hitchcock
Art Direction: Robyn Hitchcock
Jeff Gold/ Chuck Beeson
Design: Donald Krieger
Photography: Rosalind Kunath

Robyn Hitchcock: Vocals, Guitars, Harmonica, Piano on “Chinese Bones” and “A Globe of Frogs”
Andy Metcalfe: Bass, Keyboards, Accordion on “Luminous Rose”, Backing Vocals on “Tropical Flesh Mandala” and “Sleeping With Your Devil Mask”
Morris Windsor: Drums, Indian Drum on “Globe Of Frogs”, Harmonies on “Tropical Flesh Mandala”, “Balloon Man” and “Chinese Bones”
Chris Cox: Mandolin on “Balloon Man”
Peter Buck: 12 String Guitar on “Chinese Bones” and “Flesh Number One”
Glenn Tilbrook: Harmony Vocal on “Flesh Number One”


Peter Buck appears courtesy of I.R.S. Records, Inc.

A&M Records Inc. P.O Box 118, Hollywood, CA 90078 © 1988 A&M Records, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Also available on Compact Disc and BASF Chrome Tape.
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