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Golden Hits
(From The Original Vinyl LP)

Smash Records SRS 67040

Side One:

1. Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On 2:35
(Curlie Williams – S. David), Cherie Music Pub., Inc. (BMI)

2. Fools Like Me 2:37
(Jack Clement – M. Maddux), Knox Music, Inc., (BMI)

3. Great Balls Of Love
(Otis Blackwell – Jack Hammer), Hill and Range Songs, Inc., (BMI)

4. I’ll Make It All Up To You 2:40
(Charlie Rich), Hi-Lo Music, Inc., (BMI)

5. Down The Line 1:52
(Roy Orbison), Hi-Lo Music, Inc., (BMI)

6. End Of The Road 1:48
(Jerry Lee Lewis), Knox Music, Inc., (BMI)

Side Two:

1. Breathless 2:36
(Otis Blackwell), Homes Folks Music and Obie Music, (BMI)

2. Crazy Arms 2:25
(R. Mooney – Charles Seals), Champion Music Corp., (BMI)

3. You Win Again 2:57
(Hank Williams), Fred Rose Publications, (BMI)

4. High School Confidential
(Jerry Lee Lewis – Ron Hargrove), Penron Music Pub., (BMI)

5. Break-Up 2:20
(Charlie Rich), Knox Music, Inc., (BMI)

6. Your Cheating Heart 2:27
(Hank Williams), Fred Rose Publications, (BMI)

This album was recorded monaurally and stereophonically at Philips Recording Studio, Nashville, Tennessee, with Billy Sherrill as recording engineer, assisted by John Hester and Ray Butts. Instruments and mikes used were as follows: Piano (Telefunken U-48); Guitars (Telefunken U-48 and RCA 77-D); Drums (Telefunken U-47, Sony, and E/V 600); Vocal Group (Telefunken U-47); Horns (Telefunknen U-48); Violins (Telefunken U-48); Solo Voice (Telefunken U-48); Organ (Direct to console). The session was recorded on Ampex tape recorders at a speed of 15 inches per second.

Shelby Singleton
Recording Director

Recorded 1963

In Monaural MGS 27040 This is a true stereophonic disc record recorded in accordance with standards developed by the Record Industry Association of America, Inc.

Mercury Record Corporation


One of the most dynamic series of recording session began in Nashville, Tennessee (known throughout the world as “Music City U.S.A.”) a couple of months ago. From these sessions came the contents of this album, JERRY LEE LEWIS’ GOLDEN HITS.

“Music City U.S.A.,” is a long way from Ferriday, Louisiana and so is Jerry Lee Lewis. Ferriday is a sleepy southern town that Jerry Lee calls home; but this dynamic exciting package of uninhibited showmanship is a world wide property…he belongs to everyone who likes their music with a touch of drama and a dash of adventure. Jerry Lee Lewis is universal.

Appropriately, Jerry Lee’s first album for Smash Records is geared to this realm of world wide acclaim. Label executives called for an explosive package of his greatest songs. They wanted an album of golden hits by musicdom’s “Golden Boy.”

Recording Jerry Lee Lewis’ millions sellers in this album created a stir of excitement in this city of music; a town used to dramatic entertainment events. The completed album reflects the intense interest and effort behind its productions, felt by musicians and singers alike, as each band of this album is a single recording with soul and sound.

showcases the blond-tressed song belter from Louisiana at his superb best. This brand new Smash album scores the polish and finesse Jerry Lee Lewis has acquired since his career first bolted into view as a hit maker in 1957 with “Crazy Arms” and “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On.” Excitement and fire he still has … but there’s a finer and even more thrilling “something new” that spotlights him as a greater artists with a lifetime of recordings in the future.

Stars just don’t happen, Jerry Lee worked for it. He rocked and socked audiences around the world. He stole the show on network TV programs and won top billing with his movie theme song presentation of High School Confidential.

Jerry Lee with his piano never released as much explosive, creative energy as he did in recording this collection of his millions sellers. No one can deny the dynamic charge of emotion in “Fools Like Me,” or the driving wildness of “Great Balls of Fire.”

Eddie Kilroy

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