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Golden Hits, Vol 2


Patti Page
Golden Hits, Volume 2

Mercury Records


From the original vinyl LP

Side One:

Go On Home (2:29)
(Hank Cochran) Pamper Music, Inc., (BMI)

Most People Get Married (2:03)
(Leon Carr & Earl Shuman) Famous Music Corporation (ASCAP)

One Of Us (Will Weep Tonight) (2:30)
(Clint Ballard, Jr., & Fred Tobias) Sequence Music, Inc. (ASCAP)

Left Right Out Of Your Heart (2:20)
(Mort Garson & Earl Shuman) Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., Inc. (ASCAP)

Don’t Read The Letter (2:30)
(Jack Keller & Howard Greenfield) Aldon Music, Inc. (BMI)

Promise Me Thomas (2:00)
(Clyde Otis) Brenda Music, Inc. (BMI)

Side Two:

The Boys’ Night Out
From the motion picture “The Boys’ Night Out” (1:50)
(James Van Heusen & Sammy Cahn) Miller Music Corporation (ASCAP)

Mom And Dad’s Waltz (2:28)
(Lefty Frizell) Hill & Range Songs, Inc. (BMI)

You’ll Answer To Me (2:45)
(Sherman Edwards & Hal David) Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., Inc. (ASCAP)

Mama From The Train (A Kiss, A Kiss) (2:49)
(Gordon) Remick Music Corp., (ASCAP)

Broken Heart And A Pillow Filled With Tears (2:00)
(Paul Anka) Spanka Music Corp., (BMI)

Two Thousand, Two Hundred, Twenty-Three Miles (2:08)
(Leon Carr & Paul Vance) Lear Music, Inc., (ASCAP)

Patti Wends Her Way Through The Rhythmic Lyrics That Contributed To Her World-Wide Fame!

Here, once again is the magic formula that has made golden-voiced Patti Page, America’s most popular singer. For over a decade, Patti’s fans have listened and thrilled to the combination that has spelled the birth of a “hit” for the lovable warbler – a tune, the charming story-teller of song, and a waxing session in Mercury’s recording studios!

In this delightful package, the amazingly versatile Patti swings, weeps and bounces through a second dozen of Mercury chart-riders that have sold in the millions. Here, Patti engraves in wax, to be cherished for years to come, a second volume of her Golden Hits – hits that are still fresh in the memory of millions of fans.

This is Patti Page at her best – this is the Patti you love – the singing story-teller who mirrors the moods, the heartaches and joys of people and young lovers in every corner of the globe. Listen to America’s sweetheart of song expressing your sentiments in pop-styled, ear-appealing, tantalizing ballads.

Patti is full of surprises here, too, for she mournfully sends her love away in “Go On Home” and then delights you with her swinging, bouncing reminder that “Most People Get Married,” striking a familiar chord in the hearts of all hand-holders.

Weaving magic as she sings, Patti brings a catch to your throat in “Left Right Out Of Your Heart” and gently pulls a tear with her woeful tale of “One Of Us (Will Weep Tonight).”

In a change of pace, the versatile vocal charmer steals the spotlight from the lads when she takes a sophisticated view of “Boys Night Out” and delivers a self-styled rendition of the title song of her recent MGM film.

The girl from Oklahoma whose life story is one of show business’ great tales, in recent years has won added fame as a successful screen personality and writer. But Patti prefers to identify herself with the music world. Established as a film star through her roles in “Elmer Gantry,” “Dondi” and “Boys’ Night Out,” Patti still insists her first love is singing. “I’ll keep on singing as long as there’s someone who will listen to me,” she states.

Devoted fans or young discoverers of the Patti Page singing magic will agree she is a singing star first, when they listen to these twelve 14-Karat Golden Hits of the girl who loves to sing!

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