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Good Charlotte (LP)
Epic/Daylight EK 85845

1. Little Things

2. Waldorf Worldwide

3. The Motivation Proclamation

4. East Coast Anthem

5. Festival Song

6. Complicated

7. Seasons

8. I Don't Wanna Stop

9. I Heard You

10. The Click

11. Walk By

12. Let Me Go

13. Screamer

14. Change


Produced by Don Gilmore

Benji's Thanks:

Well it sucks trying to fit all these thank yous on such a small piece of paper but I will do my best, so here goes … (ahem) I would like to thank my parents for doing it, the red wine, Burt Bacharach, candelight, the egg for splitting so I didn’t have to be the lead singer … I want to thank my lord and savior Jesus Christ for giving me all of these opportunities. Mom, Sarah, and Josh – thanx for all your sacrifices and support. You guys always make me feel proud to be a part of this family. Joel I don’t tell you this enough but I love you, you’ve always been my best friend, and you always will be, you’re the most talented, caring person I have ever met. I think you got the better half of the egg. Aaron, Paul and lil Billy – thanx for being my best friends, you guys are my little brothers and I know we’re gonna be boys for life, to the rest of my family and friends, and all the family and friends of the other guys, thanx for all the support and love. Keep representin’ GC ‘cause you know we’re representing you.

Joel’s Thanks:

First I would like to thank my heavenly Father, and Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is always faithful even when I am not. Thank you Lord for your understanding and patience. Mom, Josh and Sarah thank you for your neverending support and sacrifice. Benji, you know me better than anyone, you are my best firend, and without you I’d be incomplete. Thanx for being there every moment. Billy, Paul and Aaron – you guys are my brothers too and there is no one I’d rather be doing this with. So many good times and this is just the beginning. Thank you to all my friends and family. The MD, VA, D.C. area. Naptown and Waldorf. To all the GC fans, you are the lifehood of GC.

Aaron’s Thanks:

I would like to start off by thanking God, without him none of this would be possible. Next I would like to thank my Dad. He taught me everything I know. Thank you to my Mom for always being there for me. My brothers, Danny and Ryan and my little sister Rachel. My Grandparents, Uncle Scotty, Grandma Cutter. I wanna thank all my family and extended family for all of their support over the years. I wanna thank Gutherie, The Sagers, The Kalbers, and Jesi for believing in me. Thanks to Joey Hoffman, and my friends who helped us get where we are. Now, last but not least I would like to thank U.

Billy’s Thanks:

First and foremost I would like to thank God, our heavenly Father who has blessed me with all my talents and opportunities that have made up my life, my parents, my sister Sarah, Steve for the generous practice space, and all of my family and extended family for all their support over the years, Benji, Joel, Aaron and Paul for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime and for being more than my best friends but my brothers, J.D. Baudean and Steve Sievers for giving me my start as a musician and helping me reach where I am now. Rick Jewer for being my inspiration to get where I am today, all of my true friends who have believed in me since day 1 (you know who you are!), and probably the most important of all the fans for being so supportive of our music, this record is for you guys! Anyone who has been genuinely good to me and to anyone I forgot, sorry …

Paul’s Thanks:

God, My Family – Mom, Dad, PJ, Cindy, Teresa, Paul and my Grandparents, My Friends who supported me – Tim, Kloak, Matt, Napey, Jason, Aaron, Aaron’s Family, Billy’s Family and the twins’ family – thank you.

A&R: David Massey.

All Songs Written by Benji and Joel, Additional Lyrics on “Let Me Go” and “Seasons” Written by Josh Ian, All Songs © 2000 EMI April Music, Inc, and 21:1 Music. All rights controlled by EMI April Music Inc. (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. Used By Permission.

Produced by Don Gilmore,* All Songs Recorded, Engineered & Mixed by Don Gilmore* @ Encore Studios, Los Angeles, CA except “Little Things” Mixed @ Battery Studios, NYC, NY; and “Change,” “Seasons” and “Thank You Mom” Mixed by Tom Lord-Alge @ South Beach Studios, Miami, Fl, Assistant Engineering by Bob Jackson, Additional Engineering and Pro Tools by John Ewing Jr., Assistants: Matt Griffen @ NRG, Paul Oliveira @ Battery Studios, Pete Novack @ Larrabee West and Mauricio Iragorri @ Encore,* “The Click,” Produced, Recorded, & Mixed by Neal Avron; Recorded at Clinton Recording Studios, NYC, NY, Assisted by Peter Scriba; Digital Editing by Lars Fox; Mixed at Master Control Studios, Los Angeles, CA. Assisted by Brad Winslow; Drums and Bass recorded @ NRG Studios, Los Angeles, CA, Guitar & Vocals Recorded @ Battery Studios, NYC, NY, Additional Vocals Recorded @ Larrabee West, Los Angeles, CA.

Project Consultant, Career Development: Mike Martinovich

Mastered by Vlado Meller @ Sony Music Studios, NYC, NY except “Little Things” Mastered by Ted Jensen @ Sterling Sound Studios, NYC, NY, Additional Vocals on “Little Things” by Aaron, Billy and Paul, Additional Vocals on “The Motivation Proclamation” by Jimi HaHa (of Jimmie’s Chicken Shack), Jimi appears courtesy of Island Records/IDJMG, Art Concept: Kid Vicious, Art Direction: Frank Harkins, Julian Peploe, Design: Maja Blazejewska, Cover Tattoo: Topper, Photography: Rafael Fuchs.

Bands We Wanna Thank: Jimmie’s Chicken Shack, Vroom, Fenix Tx, Lit, Downcast, Jepetto, Save Ferris, Godhead, Joking, Feedbag, Smoke, Rancid, Orgy, The Remnants, Lynns, Eve6, Sev, Overflow, Jamie, Preston, Stepdown, underfoot, Laughing Colors, Mary Prankster, William Bastard, Pepperbox, Doug Segree, Floyd La Truth, Patchwork, Built to Spill, Esoteric Freaks, Margret Heater, The Chowderheads, SGR, Destruction 33, Goldfinger, Rebel Amish Radio, Unlike Agnew, Oasis, Minor Threat, Bad Religion, Mandy Moore and the Scott Williams Quintet.

Good Charlotte Would Like To Thank: Steve, thanxs for believing in us and for being more than just a manager. You’ve mad this a lot of fun for us, and you’ve been a great friend. Mike, you’ve become a big brother, thanx for believing in us and all the encouragement and support you’ve given. Everyone around us that have helped us in so mnay ways, and still continue to … Harvey “one of everything on the menu” Leeds, David Massey and the entire staff of Daylight Records for making this happen, Rick Krim and all @ EMI Music Publishing, Don Kaplan, Ted Stachtiaris, Polly Anthony, Chris Poppe, Coline Moore, Jacqueline Saturn, Lisa Markowitz, Brad Aarons, Mark Neuman, Kathy Reilly, Brian Celler, John Meneilly and Cynthia Carr @ Provident, Spiro Phanos @ ASCAP, Richelle Orofino, Jim Sutcliffe, Geoff Gordon & Neil Jacobson @ electric factory concerts, Topper, Lori Wagner, Sam and Sophie Feinberg, Jimi HaHa, Kelly Towles, Robert Benjamin, Pat Ferrise, Bob Waugh, Gina, Allen, Kath, Johnny, Pogo, Necci, Heffe, Milk, Rob and Grahme, Jim McGuinn, Leann Curtis, Dan Fein, Suzy Dunn, Shane Bowler, Billy Gallagher, All @ Music Monthly, Richard Burgess and Fowl Records, Adam Wheatly and Funk Starr, Brian Greenbaum and Darin Murphy @ CAA, Principal Don “Go To Sleep” Gilmore, John Ewing Jr., Dell Williams and Leah Simon, Rose and Bill McGathy. The Tennison Fmaily, My Brothers Place, Bruce Fingeret, Steve and Glow Salon in Annapolis, Acme Bar & Grill, Eric Keifer @ Full Coolor Coverage Tattoo, DJ Flexxx, Jeff Lanaham, Honus Baumgardner and all at PRS Guitars, Paul @ Hotlicks Guitar Shop, Shock Treatment, Brian @ Smash!, Coffee Gurus, Mr. Bodimer, Liz Drogula and the 9:30 Club, Clint Robbins and The Garage, Phyllis Alia and SHINE, All @ Epic Records, Bill Silva and Les Borsai, Toadnet – Eric and Jed, the GC Girls, everyone who comes to our shows, hanging out with you is the best part of all this. Thank You for buying/stealing/borrowing this record. Keep representin’ – see you at the show. GC


Managed by Steve Feinberg
Fein Music Management

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