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Columbia C K 57528

1. Mojo Pin
(J. Buckley/G. Lucas)
Sony Songs, Inc.,/El Viejito Music/Gary Lucas Music (BMI)

2. Grace

(J. Buckley/G. Lucas)
Sony Songs, Inc.,/El Viejito Music/Gary Lucas Music (BMI)

3. Last Goodbye
(J. Buckley)
Sony Songs, Inc.,/El Viejito Music (BMI)

4. Lilac Wine
(J. Shelton)
Chappell & Co. (ASCAP)

5. So Real
(J. Buckley/M. Tighe)
Sony Songs, Inc.,/El Viejito Music (BMI)

6. Hallelujah
(L. Cohen)
Stranger Music, Inc., (BMI)

7. Lover, You Should’ve Come Over
(J. Buckley)
Sony Music, Inc.,/El Viejito Music (BMI)

8. Corpus Christi Carol (For Roy)
(R. Britten)
Oxford University Press (ASCAP)

9. Eternal Life
(J. Buckley)
Sony Music, Inc./El Viejito Music (BMI)

10. Dream Brother
(J. Buckley/M. Grondahl/M. Johnson)
Sony Songs, Inc./El Viejito Music (BMI)


Jeff Buckley: Voice, guitars, harmonium, organ, dulcimer. Additional Tabla on “Dream Brother”

Mick Grondahl: Bass

Matt Johnson: Drums, percussion, vibes on “Dream Brother”

Michael Tighe: Guitar on “So Real”

Gary Lucas: Magicalguitarness on “Mojo Pin” and “Grace”

Loris Holland: Organ on “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over”

Misha Masud: Tabla on “Dream Brother”

Karl Berger: String Arrangements

Produced, engineered and mixed by Andy Wallace “The Fist”

Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk
Executive Producer: Steve Berkowitz
Management: George Stein and Dave Lory

“So Real” Produced by Jeff Buckley, Engineered by Clif Norrell
Mixed by Andy Wallace

“Corpus Christi Carol” and “Dream Brother” additional engineering by Clif Norrell

Assistant engineers: Chris Laidlaw at Bearsville

Steve Sisco at Quantum Sound

Bryant Jackson at Soundtrack Studios, Biggie Griffith

Thanks to Steve Berkowitz, David Kahne & Don Ienner for the opportunity, Michele Anthony, Leah Reid, Howard Wuelfing, Julie Borchard, Josh Rosenthal, Sean Sullivan and the College Department, Nicky and Christopher and thanks to Missy Worth.

Thank you to all the PMM’s on the last trip out, this is not our last trip out! Thank you everyone at St. Mark’s sounds. Thank you to all Bearsville, at Soundtracks and all the way at Quantum Sound…to my stompbox bredren and sistren, Karl Berger and the Woodstock Symphony of Five – Here’s to Shostakovich and King Buzzo, Big Love to Tia and Kevin. The Clouse Family, the Grondahls, the Bennetts, the Llewellyns, the Hagbergs, the Guiberts, the Moorheads & the last of the Buckleys. To the Moores – all my love. To Micky and Matt for their massive soul and for appearing just in time, to Gary for his special touch and his music, and to Andy for his focus and patience and his ability to listen. May God slim those last few off of you forever. Mick wants to say farewell to Bogart, a good dog and a great friend. I love you Jhelisa A. I love you R. Rallo and Holly, John Humphrey, El Guapo, Jasen Hamel, Robin Horry, Timmet Marse, John Lindsey & Dan Roth, Chico Tighe Rules, Larry Miller and Sara Seagull and your awesome honeyness, and Clif Norrell the engineer angel.

Thank you, Nina S. & thanks to all on the Sin-E Tour – Ah, mon amours, Matty’s thanks: Marty and Jim Bennett and to Fred and Kelly Johnson. Additional thanks to Jack Bookbinder, Becky Yeagle and the staff at De-el Entertainment. Mark Bevan, Gene Bowen, Troy Hansbrough, Aaron Blitzstein, Montana Studios, Victor Wlodinguer, Wallis Norworth, Emma Banks, Mike Webb and Reggie Griffith.

P. Thank you for her. Thank you for them all. Bless you for us two. Love, Jeff.

Art direction and design: Nicky Lindeman. Christopher Austopchuk
Design Assistant: Jennifer Cohen
Photography: Merrie Cyr. David Gahr

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c/o De-el Entertainment
P.O. Box 20131
Columbus Circle Station
New York, NY

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