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How We Operate


How We Operate

ATO Records

1. Notice (4:00)

2. See The World (4:03)
Katherine Botterill: Backing Vocals

3. How We Operate (5:25)

4. Hamoa Beach (3:34)
Fil Krohnengold: Accordion

5. Girlshapedlovedrug (3:58)

6. Chasing Ghosts With Alcohol (3:43)

7. Tear Your Love Apart (4:06)

8. Charley Patton Songs (5:14)

9. Woman! Man! (4:02)

10. All Too Much (4:32)
Ben Frost: Drum Programming and Vocal Mangling

11. Cry On Demand (4:22)

12. Don’t Make Me Laugh (4:34)
Katherine Botterill: Backing Vocals

Written and performed by Gomez

Who are Ian Ball, Paul Blackburn, Tom Gray, Ben Ottewell and Olly Peacock
Produced by Gil Norton
Recorded and Mixed at RAK Studios, London, October – December 2005
Recording Engineer: Adrian Bushby
Assistant Engineer: Robbie Neslon
Pro-Tools Engineer: John Dunne
Mixed by Adrian Bushby and Gil Norton.
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Studios
Strings arrangements by Fil Krohnengold (The Secret Weapon)
Accordion recorded at Fiddlers Armpit, Los Angeles

Hats on to Gil Vongole, DJ Bushbie, Jools and Robbie
Thanks to all at RAK Studios, Trisha, Jenny, Nathanlie and Hughie
Love and hugs to Uncle Fil for the icing on the cake and to Chris McCann for special transportation powers.

Well done Frosty, we’re all very proud of you. Thanks to Katherine for octave enhancement. Let us praise Dave Hadley once again for his tireless renovating. To Bruce, a man amongst men, let us hope this record has the desired romantic effect. A strong cup of coffee for The Schusst, thank you, it looks fabulous. This record and finally, a raised glass to Iris Unum and Ethan Stanley!!

A&R: Bruce Flohr
Managed by Jason Colton and Chris Telzeli for Red Light Management

This sleeve is a Love Police action.
Photography by Kevin Westenberg.
All songs published by Gomez

www.gomeztheband.com www.atorecords.com

(P) & © 2006 ATO Records, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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