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Identical Suns
Todd Stanton and Rene Rodriguez met due to their mutual admiration of Mike Viola. In 2012, Mike Viola began performing online via a website called StageIt and a Facebook group sprung up. 

This online community eventually began to do their own shows at StageIt, with the support and encouragement of the group. 

In the summer of 2012, Rene left California for Ohio to visit Todd and his family. They had a great day of making music!

Once back in California, Rene was asked by Adam Waltamire (of Popgardenradio.com) to perform at a show in early 2014. Rene and Todd began exchanging musical ideas to have some originals for Rene to perform at Adam's show. The idea evolved and they started sending song sketches and rough demos or lyrics back and forth. With each other working on the others ideas and concepts, songs began to be sculpted from these incomplete musical ideas. 

Now, Andrew Stanton has been producing every song written and recorded by Identical Suns.

And in August of 2014, Mitch Trompeter has joined the band in preparation for the 2014 Maumee Summer Fair, which Identical Suns was showcased. Mitch plans to continue to record new music with Identical Suns.

The only rule to the creation of the music is that there are no rules. Each song is an entity of it's own, and has no regard to any genre. 

In early 2015, the band was contacted by Scott Bennett (of Brian Wilson Band fame) with an offer to mix their songs. Scott remixed and added special touchs to the recordings with additional vocals and instrumentation, adding a shimmer and sheen to the recordings. 

In June of 2015, their self-titled debut album was released on Project 2200 Records. 
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