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Los Lobos

Slash/Warner Bros.
9 26786-2

1. Dream In Blue

2. Wake Up Dolores

3. Angels With Dirty Faces

4. That Train Don’t Stop Here

5. Kiko And The Lavender Moon

6. Saint Behind The Glass

7. Reva’s House

8. When The Circus Comes

9. Arizona Skies

10. Short Side Of Nothing

11. Two Janes

12. Wicked Rain

13. Whiskey Trail

14. Just A Man

15. Peace

16. Rio De Tanampa

Produced by Mitchell Froom and Los Lobos

Engineered by Tchad Blake at Sound Factory West Studio, assisted by John Paterno Except “Arizona Skies,” “Short Side Of Nothing,” “Two Janes,” “Peace,” and “Rio De Tanampa”

Engineered by Paul duGre at Paul and Mike’s Studio, assisted by Wendy Thompson

Additional Engineering by Tchad Blake “Wake Up Dolores” Engineered by Kevin Killen at Sound Factory West, assisted by John Paterno

Mixed by Tchad Blake at Ocean Way, assisted by Dan Bosworth Except “Wake Up Dolores” Mixed by Kevin Killen at Sound Factory West, assisted by John Paterno

Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk

Digital Editing by Dave Collins at A&M

Guitar Technician: Brian Hunt


Thanks To: The Rosebud Agency, Ampeg-St. Louis Music, Candelas Guitar, Chandler Industries, D’Addario Strings, Danny Ferrington, Deering Banjos, Fender Musical Instruments, Gibson, Godin Guitars, Hohner, Jerry Jones, L.R. Baggs, Latin Percussion, Mark Wittenberg, Ernie Ball Music Man, Norman’s Rare Guitars, Rudy Valdez, Promark, Remo, Rich Mangicaro + Paiste, Robert at “The Amp Shop,” Roger Giffin, Sandra Rosas, The Camera Co., Third Encore, Side One/Vector Management, Bug Music, Backstage Truck, Mouse De La Luz, Wally Hanley, Brian Shaw, Andy Ireland and our wives and families.

Art Direction / Design: Tom Recchion / Louie Perez

Photography: Dennis Keeley

Set Design and Construction: Kelly Ray

Stylists: El Garaje – Linda Gamboa and Victor Martinez

Makeup: Cloutier – Wendy Osmundson


Los Lobos still are:

Steve Berlin: Tenor, baritone and soprano sax, flute, melodica, harmonica, organ, piano, synthesizer, percussion

David Hidalgo: Guitars, accordion, violin, banjo, piano, percussion, vocals

Conrad R. Lozano: Fender 5-string jazz bass and 4-string precision bass, Godin fretless bass, guitarron, background vocals

Louis Perez: Drums, vocals, guitars, percussion, couch and phone

Cesar Rojas: Electric and acoustic guitars, vocals

With: Pete Thomas: Drums
Victor Bisetti: Drums (on “Peace” and “Rio De Tenampa”), percussion
Fermin Herrera: Veracruz harp (on “Saint Behind The Glass”)
Alex Acuna: Percussion
Gary Mallaber: Drums (on “Wake Up Dolores”)
Mitchell Froom and his House of Keyboards
La Chilapena brass band


the telephone woke him early in the morning, he sat up and giggled and listened to it ring and ring till it stopped ringing, somebody knocked at the door so he went over, peeked through the window and watched them know and knock till they stopped knocking and went away, he made his way across the kitchen, around the table to the back door and let the birds out one by one, first the brown one, then the white one and then the one with the funny spots on his head, he watched them soar up into the sky till they were just specks in the blue, he climbed the ladder up the side of the garage to get a better look and saw them float far, far away, he felt real sad and real glad.

too soon the night came and he lifted the shades as the moon came over the fence, it was kinda purple and bright, and it scared him a little bit, so he went out and stood on the grass and stared right up at it to show himself he wasn’t afraid, they made friends real quick and the cat came over to see what was going on, the two of them went back into the house and turned out the lights so the moon could come in and laid down and went to sleep.

the telephone woke them early the next morning, they sat up and laughed and listened to it ring and ring till it stopped ringing.
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