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Lurch (2007)

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Mike Viola

Good Morning Monkey Records


1. Maybe, Maybe Not

2. Girly Worm

3. All Bent Out Of Shape

4. The Strawberry Blonde

5. Dangerously Close

6. 279 East 10th Street

7. It Comes In Waves

8. So Much Better

9. Snowman In Tompkins Park

10. When I Hold You In My Arms

11. That Part Of Me Is Dead

12. You're Alright But You Never Admit When You're Wrong

13. Good Ideas Grow On Trees

All Songs Mike Viola © 2007 Urban Birdsongs ASCAP

Produced and Arranged by Mike Viola and Ducky Carlisle at Ice Station Zebra Medford, MA
Fall of 2007

Art & Design: Mike and Audrey

Mastering SAE

Photography: Audrey Viola

Layout: Rizbee Designs

"Maybe, Maybe Not" by Mike Viola and Mary Wood (Urban Birdsongs/Mary Wood Music)

"It Comes In Waves" - Recorded and Mixed by Brion Dozoretz

"So Much Better" - Recorded by Pete Donnelly

Todd Foulsham sings on: "Maybe, Maybe Not," "All Bent Out Of Shape," "Dangerously Close" and "That Part Of Me Is Dead"

Mike Gent sings on: "Girly Worm" and "That Part Of Me Is Dead"

Jed Parish - Organ on "It Comes In Waves"

Jed Parish sings on "Girly Worm" and "It Comes In Waves"

Pete Donnelly - Bass

Pete Donnelly sings on "So Much Better"

Matt Muir - Drums and sings on "So Much Better"

Brenda Haley programmed Moog and ARP

William G. Countie, Jr. and Lewis Surdom helped record Harpsichord at Harvard University

Drumming, Engineering, Mixing - Ducky Carlisle


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