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Mayor of Sunset Strip


The Mayor of the Sunset Strip

Warner Records
DK 34096


1. “Let’s Find Out About Rodney”

Brian Wilson
(Brian Wilson/Andy Paley)
Used by permission of Satellite Six Songs and Twilight Tunes.
Courtesy of Brian Wilson

Grosso Modo ASCAP/Plaything Music ASCAP/Verelia Music ASCAP)
® 1988 Slash Records
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records Inc., by arrangement with Warner Special Products

The Byrds
(Robert Dylan)
Used by permission of Special Rider Music
Courtesy of Sony/Columbia Records

5. “It Was A Real Eye Opener” - Pamela Des Barres

Leon Russell
(Leon Russell/Marc Benno)
Used by permission of Embassy Music Corporation/Cherry River Music Co. o/b/o Stuck On Music
Courtesy of EMI/Capitol

7. ALL THE MADMEN (Live Intro/Original LP Version)
David Bowie

(David Bowie)
Live intro recorded in Hollywood Hills 1971
Used by permission of Chrysalis Songs/Screen Gems - EMI Music Inc./RZO Music, Inc. a/c
David R. Tintoretto Music
Courtesy of RZO Music Inc.

T. Rex
(Marc Bolan)
TRO-Essex Music International, Inc. ASCAP
Produced Under License From Warner Bros. Records Inc.

Alice Cooper
Six Palms Music ASCAP/Third Palm Music BMI
® 1972 Warner Bros. Records Inc.
Courtesy of Warner Special Markets

10. “What Kind Of Music Is This?” - Rodney Bingenheimer

Taco Tunes Adm. By WB Music Corp. ASCAP/WB Music Corp. ASCAP
® 1978 Sire Records Company
Courtesy of Warner Special Markets

The Smiths
Morrissey Copyright Control/Warner-Tamerlane Publ. Corp. BMI
® 1987 Warner Music UK Ltd.
Courtesy of Warner Special Markets

13. “He Picked This Song” - Chris Carter
(John Mills Easdale, Jr.)
Used by permission of EMI Virgin Songs Inc. d/b/a EMI Longitude Music

Ronald Vaughan
(Ronald Wayne Vaughan)
Used by permission of Operation Unlimited Music
Courtesy of Ronald Wayne Vaughan/MOTSS 

(Damon Albam/Graham Leslie Coxon/Alex James/David Alexander Dehor Rowntree)
Used by permission of Songs of Universal inc.
Courtesy of EMD/Virgin Records

17. “I Stalked Him” - Courtney Love

(William Patrick Corgan/Eric T. Erlandson/Courtney M. Love)
Used by permission William Patrick Corgan dba Echo Echo Tunes c/o King Purtich Holmes et al/Mother May I Music c/o Zumwalt, Almon, Hayes
Courtesy of Universal Music Enterprises

(Benjamin Michael James Byrne/James Paul Stelfox/James Milne Walsh/Barry Westhead)
Used by permission of EMI April Music Inc. c/o EMI Music Publishing
Courtesy of Capitol Records

20. YELLOW (Live In-studio Performance)
Chris Martin of Coldplay

(Guy Berryman/Jon Buckland/Will Champion/Chris Martin)
Used by permission of BMG Songs Inc.
Courtesy of Capitol Records/KCRW-FM
Anthony Marinelli (and Clint Bennett)
(Anthony Marinelli)
Published By Man on Mars Music
Courtesy of Man on Mars Music

(Chris Carter/Debbie Shair/Todd Jaeger)
Used by permission of EMI Music Publishing/Skull Duggery & Sons
Courtesy of MOTSS

23. I HATE THE ‘90s
Rodney & The Tube Tops
(Rodney Bingenheimer/Cameron Jamie/Eric Erlandson/Pat Fear/Thurston Moore/D. Markey)
Used by permission of Tube Top, BMI/Two Cartons Publishing/Mother May I/Test Pattern Tunes/Feminist Religions ADM by Zuna Songs/Miracle Pork Chop
Courtesy of Sympathy For The Record Industry

Here are some of my favorite songs by a bunch of my favorite artists. They’re some of the best pop, punk, Brit pop and local L.A. tunes that I’ve played on my radio show, “Rodney on the ROQ,” on KROQ.

These songs have kept me company and changed my life. I hope they do the same for you. Thanks to everyone who’s listened over the years.

It’s all happening,

Rodney Bingenheimer


Soundtrack Album Produced by Chris Carter, Charles Raggio, Rodney Bingenheimer and Shawn Amos
Associate Producer: Andrea “Rabbit” von Foerster
Licensing: Vinnie Maressa
Business Affairs: Dave McIntosh
Remastering: Pat Kraus
Soundtrack Consultation: Julie D’Angelo
Package Design: Sandy Tanaka
Artwork/Package Supervision: John Roberts
Project Assistance: Tina Reynolds
Soundtrack compiled by Chris Carter, Charles Raggio and Rodney Bingenheimer
Editing and Post Production: Chris Carter & Nick Walusko at Studio Through Inner Space


Special Thanks: Kevin Carson, Jon Biel, Eli Okun, Steve Nice, Brad Rosenberger, Tom Lopinski, Bob Fukuyama, David Holmes, Tonya Puerto, Finn Taylor, Alex Nohe, Chip Robertson, Michelle Constantine, Chuck Randall, Bill Bishop and Sharon Hancock
Rodney Bingenheimer would like to thank with love: Marian A. Bingenheimer, Opal M. Tate, Vincent A. Bingenheimer, Zelda Bingenheimer, Sharon McDonald & Michele Meyer, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Keith Moon, Sonny Bono, Cher, Joey Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone, Melinda and Brian Wilson, Stiv Bators, Johnny Thunders, Lance Loud, Phil Spector, Harvey Kubernik, Chris Carter, Mark London, Barry Barnholtz, Tom Ayres, Lori Mattox, Sable Starr, Olivia Barash, Nick Heyward, Joan Jett, India Dypre, Susan Hyatt, Doug the Slug, Dennys, IHOP, Canters, Mel’s Drive-In, The Chelsea Kitchen, Tony LaMotta, Keith Sky, Marcella Lee, Courtney Love, Gwen Stefani, Gidget Bates, Camille Chancery, Ivy Castleman, Celine Castleman, Kelsey Lee, Karen & Nancy Tendell, Karen, Di, Shannon & Sis, Hal Lifson, 106.7 KROQ FM, 105 KITS FM and Spud, KCRW, Jason Lavett, Patricia Fuentes, Matt Adams, Piper Ferguson, Maria Montoya, Andy Paley, Susan Martin, Dan & Dave Kessel, Ben Edmons, MOJO, Rolling Stone, Angeleno, Fugue, Cameron Crowe, Tom Jamison, David Carr, Edie Sedgwick, Mick Ronson, The Bangles, The Donnas, The Go-Gos, The Vines, Oasis, Blondie, Pennywise, Offspring, Green Day, Howie Klein, James Taggert, Jessica Taylor, Julie Park, Daniel Barida, Redd Kross, Brooke Shields, Johnny Marr, Nina Roche, The Lippin Group, Jed the Fish, Bob George, Kevin Weatherly, Gene Sandbloom, Drew Pinski, Adam Corolla, Nicole Alvarez, Kat, Heather Peggs, Amy Stevens, Manny Furlong, Tami Heidi, Trip Reeb, Stryker, Yvonne Paz, Lina Lecaro, Kim Fowley, Louise Wener, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Mackenzie Phillips, Liza Kumkian-Smith, The Runaways, Dramarama, Steve Jenkins and his mom Suzanne Jenkins, Dominic Priore, Tori Amos, Susanna Hoffs, Jane Wiedlin, Davy Jones, Pamela & Michael Des Barres, Deborah Harry, Annabella Lwin, Nina Hagen Siouxie Sioux, Greg Little, Ray Manzarek, X, Sherie Currie, Robert Cross, Victoria Schwerin, Sarenia Marie, Allyson Carter, Morley Bartoff, Pleasant Gehman, Pauley Perette, The Raveonettes, Becca Grove, Chesca Grove, Tony Fornaro, Jay Schatz, Bang, Popscene, Blowup, Julie Janata, George Hickenlooper, Tommy Peerna, Mick Brown, Kimberly Stenton, Premier P.R., Rob Hughes, Paul “Fig” Fegen, Sukee Chew, Brad Schuck, Katie Cooper, Jean Sievers, Tiffany Nalman, Kenny Doll, Susan Ackerman, Kenny Laguna, Jody Glisman-Best, Larry Klein, Robert E. Burke, Rooney, The Glitterati, Jennifer Garnick, Kim Cavayan, Steven DeMile, Giddle Partridge, Dan Kapelovitz, Jon Shere, Rollercoaster, Rich Michalowski, Lakeshore Entertainment, Elliot Kendall, thanks to Abby Travis, Pat Fear, Eric Erlandson, Thurston Moore, Dave Markey, and Cameron Jamie for I Hate The ‘90s adn The First Lady of Rock--Nancy Sinatra.

This album is dedicated to our friend Greg Dwinnell.


A film by George Hickenlooper
First Look Media presents
with Showtime and Samuel Goldwyn Films
A Caldera Productions Feature
with Perna Productions and Question Mark (?) Productions in association with Kino-Eye American
“Mayor Of The Sunset Strip”
Music Supervisors: Charles Raggio, Chris Carter, Rodney Bingenheimer
Music by Anthony Marinelli
Directors of Photography: Kramer Morgenthau, Igor Meglic, George Hickenlooper, Chris Carter
Edited and Co-Produced by Julie Janata
Executive Producer: Donald Zuckerman
Produced by: Chris Carter, Greg Little, Tommy Perna
Written and Directed by George Hickenlooper

© 2003 Caldera Productions

® & © 2004 Warner Special Productions © 2004 Shout! Factory, a Division of Retropolis, LLC, 2042-A Armacost Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90025. All Rights Reserved./Manufactured for Shout! Factory by Warner Special Products. Warner Music Group. A Time Warner Company./Distributed by Sony Music Entertainment Inc./550 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022-3211.

DK 34096

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