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"Folk Songs For The Present"

From the original Vinyl LP

Liberty LRP 3295


1. Summertime Love (from "Greenwillow") 2:52
(Loesser) Frank Music Corp. - ASCAP

I Never Have Seen Snow (from "House of Flowers")
(Capote/Arlen) Harwin Music Corp. - ASCAP

2. Los Dos 2:56
Peer Int'l - BMI

3. Golden Apples Of The Sun 4:28

4. Ah Nora, War Is Over 2:08
(Duke of Iron)

5. In The Hills of Shiloh
(Friedman-Silverstein) Hollis Music, Inc. - BMI

6. Guadalajara 2:29
(Guizar) Peer Int'l - BMI


1. Red Clay Country 2:22
(Dashiell - Edmonson) Carte Music - BMI

2. Se Me Hizo Facil 2:43
(Lara) Peer Int'l - BMI

3. Haiti 3:04
(Dashiell - Edmonson) Carte Music - BMI

4. It's The Man 2:13

5. Down In The Valley 3:45
(Arr. Dashiell - Edmonson - Stauber) Carte Music - BMI

6. Joey, Joey, Joey (from "The Most Happy Fella") 3:25
(Loesser) Frank Music Corp. - ASCAP

Producer: Al Grossman
Musical Director: Milton Okun
Production Assistant: Jean Kaplow
Engineer: Bill Schwartau

This album is available in Monaural LRP-3295 and in Stereo LST-7295

Cover Photography: Barry Feinstein

Folk groups come and go. The reasons for their arriving are obvious: They think they have something to offer. The reason they leave is usually that they were wrong in their assumption. The matter of "something to offer" is an interesting one. It isn't a matter of being able to sing harmony, to play acceptable guitar, or to know the standard folk repertoire. It is, of course, all of this plus one other thing: the ability to grow with the field and to "lead the pack," so to speak, in new ideas of presentation and in widening the variety and scope of the field itself.

Bud and Travis qualify on all counts. Today they sound better than ever; today their repertoire is greater than ever; today their personal appearances are more successful than ever. Apparently a wide - and ever-widening - group of people agree that the Bud and Travis brand of folk entertainment is here to stay.

Their philosophy as to what constitutes a folk song is quite interesting. It is perhaps different than that of many others. They feel that a folk song doesn't have to be from but a few specific regions or have to be a given number of centuries old. They feel that it can be relatively recent, from almost anywhere and by specific composers, not just by the well-known folk sources, "Anonymous" and "Traditional." If the song has "it," and will probably be accepted as a folk song eventually, what's wrong with being first in accepting it?

Liberty is proud to offer Bud and Travis in this tasty collection of good folk material. You will find here a wide variety of songs gathered from many sources. Together, they constitute an example of Bud and Travis' extreme versatility.

Incidentally, their accompaniment (other than their own guitars) is by a guitarron (bass guitar) played by Charlie Gonzalez, acknowledged to be a master of the instrument; they also employ a bass and, wherever a song calls for it, some light percussion.

Listen now to one of the foremost acts in the highly competitive field of folk music.

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