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On Avery Island (1995)

Neutral Milk Hotel
On Avery Island

Merge Records

1. Song Against Sex

2. You’ve Passed

3. Someone Is Waiting

4. A Baby For Pree

5. Marching Theme

6. Where You’ll Find Me Now

7. Avery Island/April 1st

8. Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone

9. Three Peaches

10. Naomi

11. April 8th

12. Pree-Sisters Swallowing A Donkey’s Eye


Recorded at Elephant 6 and Dane & Marisa’s house Feb-May 1995 except ”Marching Theme” which occurred in June of 1994.

Produced by Robert Schneider on 4-track.

All songs by Jeff Mangum except Avery Island (Mangum/Schneider) and “Pree-Sisters…” (Mangum/All Players) all songs © 1994, 1995 the egg as a whole music.

Cover Design: J. Mangum & Lisa Janssen

Jeff Mangum: guitar, drums, voices, bells, xylophone, air organ, casio, tapes

Robert Schneider: air organs, home organs, fuzz bass, xylophone, horn arrangements

Lisa Janssen: fuzz bass on “You’ve Passed” and “Gardenhead”

Rick Benjamin: trombone on “Avery Island”, “Song Against Sex” and “Gardenhead”

On “Pree-Sisters…” Marisa Bissinger, Hilarie Sidney, Dane Terry, Lisa Janssen, Aaron Reedy and Jeff Mangum: Various Indonesian instruments

Thanks to: ruston louisiana, athens, nyc, san francisco and nancy o., jeff smith, the olivia tremor control, all apples, korena pang and her turtle town orchestra, ms. k., secret square, the marbles, mike owens, bret Lunsford, pat maley, 210 sunset, all clay bears ever kicked off stage, supreme dicks, mom and dad and sis and spots and 900 e. 1st street, los angeles and jill carnes, comely clark, signus in the haunted apartment, moca, sparta st #2, 3, and 5, beth s., two cecils, yvonne in boston, richard in Missouri, and as always mr. julian chocolate

published by egg as a whole music/BMG songs, inc.
this album issued under license from NMH

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