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Partridge Family Album
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The Partridge Family
Family Album 
6050 Stereo

From the original Vinyl LP


Brand New Me (2:33)
(Wes Farrell - Eddie Singleton)

Point Me In The Direction Of Albuquerque
(Tony Romeo)

Bandala (2:24)
(Wes Farrell - Eddie Singleton)

I Really Want To Know You (2:55)
(Barry Mann - Cynthia Weil)

Only A Moment Ago
* (2:33)
(Terry Cashman - Tommy West)

I Can Hear Your Heartbeat (2:05)
(Wes Farrell - Jim Cretecos - Mike Appel)


I'm On The Road (2:50)
(Barry Mann - Cynthia Weil)

To Be Lovers
* (2:44)
(Mark Charron)

Somebody Wants To Love You (2:33)
(Wes Farrell - Jim Cretecos - Mike Appel)

I Think I Love You (2:52)
(Tony Romeo)

Singing My Song (2:10)
(Wes Farrell - Diane Hilderbrand)

*Published by Colgems Music Corp. (ASCAP)
All others published by Screen Gems - Columbia Music, Inc. (BMI)



Hal Blaine - Drums
Mike Melvoin - Keyboard
Larry Knechtel - Keyboard
Joe Osborne - Bass
Max Bennett - Bass
Louie Shelton - Guitar
Dennis Budimir - Guitar
Tommy Tedesco - Guitar

Produced by Wes Farrell for Coral Rock Productions

Recorded at Western Recorders (Studio 2), Los Angeles

Engineered by Bob Kovach

Arranged by Mike Melvoin, Billy Strange, Wes Farrell and Don Peake

Special Thanks to Bob Claver, Paul Witt, Larry Uttal, Lester Sill and Brendan Cahill

Art Direction: Beverly Weinstein
Album Design: The Music Agency

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Starring Shirley Jones
Featuring David Cassidy

The family that reverbs together remains together - that's Shirley Partridge and her plugged-in-tribe of youngsters who turn on the plot power for ABC Television's newest musical comedy series "The Partridge Family."

The on-tour antics of this family who have formed their own pop music group provide some entirely new sight and sound vistas for the television audience. Academy Award winner ("Elmer Gantry") Shirley Jones stars as widow Shirley Partridge, the head of this upbeat brood of musical chickens.

David Cassidy is featured as her rock-wired son Keith. Susan Dey makes her TV debut as Laurie, the teen-aged pacifist who backs any meaningful cause. Danny Bonaduce steps out as the 10 year old, fast-moving, freckle-faced money wizard of the Partridges. As the spirited, red-haired catalyst of the Partridge clan, Danny is always prepared to propel the family into any kind of situation as long as it is for fun and finances.

The natural foil of this pint-sized manipulator is Reuben Kinkaid, their harassed manager. Dave Madden, of "Laugh-In" fame co-stars in this role. In the roles of Christopher, the 7 year old drummer, and 4 year old Tracy, are Jeremy Gelbwaks and Suzanne Crough. Simone, a dog who digs today's music, completes the Partridge entourage. And the family bus - a psychedelic-painted happening on wheels - moves the Partridges in high style and high gear from one delightful adventure to another.

Each episode, of course, is punctuated by the kind of original music which will soon make the Partridges the first family of the record world as well as television's in-clan. This album contains songs featured in those initial Partridge Family episodes and also includes their first recording "I Think I Love You."

The Partridges certainly represent something new in family interaction - it's the kind of vibrant home scene highlighted by wholesome portions of love mixed with laughter and positively accentuated by the notes of music and song which bring it all together - for everyone!

Bell Records, A Division of Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.
1776 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10019

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