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Pawnshop Guitars
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Cure Me…Or Kill Me…*
Marc – drums, percussion & harmony vocals
Will – bass
Slash – lead guitar
Gilby – guitars, piano & lead vocals

Black 4:21
Matt – drums
Will – bass
Waddy – acoustic guitars
Dizzy – mellotron
Marc & Eric – background vocals
Gilby – lead & rhythm guitars, lead vocals

Tijuana Jail 5:07
Matt – drums
Will – bass
Slash – lead guitar
Eric – harmony vocals, percussion
Gilby – guitars, lead vocals & my 65 stang’s radio

Skin & Bones 3:17
Marc – drums, percussion
Will – bass
Jo – dobro slide guitar
Gilby – acoustic guitars, piano, lead vocals
Roberta Freeman – harmony vocals
Tim P. – harmonica
Joel Derouin – fiddle
Eric – jews harp

Johanna’s Chopper 4:07
Marc – drums, percussion & harmony vocals
Will – bass
Jo – rhythm guitar
Gilby – lead guitar, rickenbacker 12 string, lead vocals

Let’s Get Lost 3:31
Marc – drums, percussion & harmony vocals
Will – bass
Jo – guitar solo
Dizzy – hammond organ & calliope
Waddy – ashtray
Gilby – electric & acoustic guitars, electric sitar, lead vocals

Pawn Shop Guitars 3:34
Matt – drums
Will – bass
Jo – slide guitar
Eric – background vocals
Marc – congas & background vocals
Dean Clarke – cowbell
Gilby – guitars, lead vocals

Dead Flowers* 4:13
Rob – drums, percussion
Will – bass
Waddy – led guitar
Axl – piano & vocals
Gilby – guitars & vocals

Jail Guitar Doors* 3:08
Duff – drums & bass
Frank – rhythm guitars, background vocals
Gilby – guitars, lead vocals

Hunting Dogs* 3:14
John S. – drums
Jonathan – bass
Marc – harmony vocals
Teddy – hammond organ
Jo – lead & rhythm guitars
Gilby – acoustic & electric guitars, lead vocals

Shut Up* 3:58
Eric – drums
Will – bass
Jo – rhythm guitar
Dizzy – hammond organ
Eric, Marc & Mike Hall – background vocals
Gilby – lead guitar, rickenbacker 12 string, lead vocals
Drum track produced by Rick Browde

All songs written by Gilby Clarke except “Let’s Get Lost” written by Gilby Clarke/Jonathan Daniel; “Dead Flowers” written by Jagger/Richards; “Jail Guitar Doors” written by Joe Strummer/Mick Jones. All songs published by EMI Virgin Songs, Inc./Duckpond Songs admin. by EMI Virgin Songs, Inc. (BMI) except “Let’s Get Lost” published by EMI Virgin Songs, Inc./Duckpond Songs admin. by EMI Virgin Songs, Inc. (BMI)/Jonathan Daniel Publishing Designee; “Dead Flowers” published by ABKCO Music, Inc. (BMI); “Jail Guitar Doors” published by Nineden Ltd. admin. by EMI Virgin Music, Inc. (ASCAP).

Rob Affuso
Marc Danzelsen
Matt Sorum
Duff McKagen
Eric Skodis
John Schubert

Jo Almieda
Frank Black
Ryan Roxis
Waddy Wachtel

Will Effertz
Jonathan Daniel
Duff McKagen

Dizzy Reed
Teddy Andreadis
W. Axl Rose

Produced by Waddy Wachtel

Engineered by Rod O’Brien

All songs mixed by Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero
except * mixed by Rod O’Brien and Gilby Clarke

Recorded at A&M Studios, Los Angeles, CA;
The Magic Shop Recording, New York, NY;
Virgin Convent Recording Studios, Beverly Hills, CA

Mixed at Conway Studios, Los Angeles, CA;
Riversound, New York, NY;
Virgin Convent Recording Studios, Beverly Hills, CA

Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, New York, NY

Assistant Engineers: John Aguto, Jay Ryan, Marnie Riley, Bradley Cook, Tina Antoine and Randy Wine.

Associate Producer: Rod O’Brien

Art Direction and Design: Steve Gerdes
Front and Back Photography: Daniella Clarke
Inside Photography: Gene Kirkland, Robert John, Steve Gerdes

Management: Doug Goldstein for Big F.D. Entertainment – Chris Jones, Tom Maher, John Reese and Alex Evazich.

A&R Direction: Danny Goodwin

Legal: Jeffery Taylor Light for Myman, Abell, Fineman and Greenspan.

Financial: Michael Oppenheim for Gudvi, Chapnick and Oppenheim.

Booking Agency: Alex Kochan for Artists & Audience.

Techs: Adam Day, Mike Fasano, Mike Mayhue and Will Jennings for keyboard programming.

Jason Alt, Keith Bailey, Andrew Ballard, Ken Barry, Tim Bomba, John Boulos, Cynthia Bryce, Brad Chapman, Kenneth Cherryholmes (an angry man), Joyce Castagnoia, Phil Cassens, Margi Cheske, David Clark, Dean Clark, Daniella Clarke, Club Lingerie, Coconut Teaser, Cole Rehearsal, Phil Danneman, Christine Danzelsen, Darwin Drums, Tryston Dietrich, Dr. J, The Drum Workshop, Elwood Francis, Kathy Gillis, Shelby Glick, Danny Goodwin, Jeff Grabow, Rick Grossman at Easton, Vivian Gueler, Guild Guitars, Guitars R Us, Mike Hall, Jordan Harris, Don Hood, Jimmy Ienner, Del James, Jimmy at Dunlap, Robert John, Katy at Ernie Ball, Gene Kirkland, Mike Lambo, Jeffery and Chris Light, Master Control, Catharina Masters, Mate Rehearsal and Storage, Matt at ESP Guitars, Tom Mayhue, Jeffery Neumann, Kelly Nichols, Ovis, Rick Parker’s Sandbox, Pork Pie Drums, Michael Plen, Plate and Walker Guitars, Phil Quartarero, Jean Rousseau, Sue Sawyer, Ana Schoeller, Seymour Duncan Pickups, Shelly and everyone at A&M Studios, Spitzer/Vatley Arts, Kaz Utsunomiya, Vox Amps, Annie Wachtel, David Weiderman at Guitar Center, Jill Yamashiro, Tony Zemaitis and Zildjian Cymbals.

I’d like to thank all the musicians, techs, friends and family, God and unknown forces who took the time and care into making this record. – Gilby

Rob Affuso appears courtesy of Atlantic Records Corporation
Frank Black appears courtesy of Elektra Entertainment, a division of Warner Communication, Inc.
Duff McKagen appears courtesy of Geffen Records
W. Axl Rose appears courtesy of Geffen Records
Slash appears courtesy of Geffen Records
Matt Sorum appears courtesy of Geffen Records

For Fan Club information, please send S.A.S.E. to:
Pawn Shop Guitar Club
P.O. Box 1441
Redondo Beach, CA 90278

(P) & © 1994 Virgin Records America, Inc., 338 N. Foothill Road, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. Manufactured by Capitol Records, Inc., a subsidiary of Capitol-EMI Music, Inc., Hollywood and Vine Streets, Hollywood, California. Printed in the USA. Warning: Unauthorized reproduction of this recording is prohibited by Federal law and subject to criminal prosecution.

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