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Pet Sounds (1966)

This album has so many different releases since it was first released on CD in the early '90s (ask my wife, I've got them all) that it's tough to be able get all the different info together without duplication.

That said, some of this info will be wrong, some of it will have been updated or changed over time, since more information may have come to light.

Anyway, that's my little disclaimer for you.

Below are the Liner Notes for Pet Sounds Box Set, including the 'little green booklet.' This one is massive.

There are a couple of websites with great Liner Notes already available. So I've linked to those sites. These Liner Notes are specifically for the Stereo release of Pet Sounds (Capitol 72435-21241-2-1).

Click here to see the listing of Studio Musicians that worked on Pet Sounds, Track-by-Track.
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