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Saturday Nights Sunday

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Counting Crows

Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings

Geffen Records


Saturday Nights

1. 1492

(Words & Music by Adam Duritz)

2. Hanging Tree
(Words by Adam Duritz, Music by Adam F. Duritz and Dan Vickrey)

3. Los Angeles
(Music & Lyrics by Adam F. Duritz, Ryan Adams and Dave Gibbs)

4. Sundays
(Words & Music by Adam F. Duritz)

5. Insignificant
(Words by Adam F. Duritz, Music by Adam F. Duritz, Dan Vickrey, Charles Gillingham  & David Immergluck)

6. Cowboys
(Words & Music by Adam F. Duritz)

7. Washington Square
(Words & Music by Adam F. Duritz)


Sunday Mornings

8. On Almost Any Sunday Morning

(Music & Lyrics by Adam F. Duritz)

9. When I Dream of Michelangelo
(Words by Adam F. Duritz, Music by Adam F. Duritz, Dan Vickrey, Charles Gillingham  & David Immergluck)

10. Anyone But You
(Words by Adam F. Duritz, Music by Adam F. Duritz, Charles Gillingham  & David Immergluck)

11. You Can’t Count On Me
(Words & Music by Adam F. Duritz)

12. Le Ballet D’Or
(Words by Adam F. Duritz, Music by Adam F. Duritz, Charles Gillingham  & David Immergluck)

13. On A Tuesday In Amsterdam Long Ago
(Words by Adam F. Duritz, Music by Adam F. Duritz & Charles Gillingham)

14. Come Around

(Words by Adam F. Duritz, Music by Dan Vickery & Adam F. Duritz)

Saturday Nights was produced by Gil Norton

Recorded by James Brown for Just Managing, Steve Masur, and David Bryson at Avatar Studios and Looking Glass Studios (and a little bit in The Garden - no, not THE Garden, MY Garden) in New York City, as well as various houses on hills here and there)

Assisted by Bryan Pugh, Michael Trepagnier, Brian Bender, and Adam Thompson

Except "1492 - produced by Gil Norton and Steve Lillywhite
Recorded by James Brown for Just Managing, Steve Masur and Steve Harris

'Sundays" produced by Dennis Herring & David Lowery and Gil Norton

Recorded by Richard Hasal, James Brown for Just Managing, and Steve Masur

Saturday Nights was mixed by James Brown for Just Managing at Looking Glass Studios in NYC

Sunday Mornings was produced and mixed by Brian Deck
Recorded by Reto Peter at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA (but a lot of it was rehearsed in The Garden)

Assisted by Jesse Nichols

Except "Washington Square"- Recorded by Reto Peter and David Bryson

"Come Around" produced by Gil Norton

Recorded by James Brown for Just Managing and David Bryson
Mixed by James Brown for Just Managing

Sunday Mornings was mixed at Looking Glass Studios in NYC and at Engine Studios, Chicago, IL

Assisted by Michael Trepagnier and Neil Strauch

Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings was mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Sound in Portland, Maine

Dan Vickrey - Guitars, Banjo, and Vocals
David Immergluck - Guitars, Dobro, Tres Cubano, Pedal Steel, Mandola, Mandolin, Vocals, and Bass Guitar on "1492"
Charles Gillingham - Piano, Harmonica, Hammond B-3 Organ, Vibraphone, Vox Continental Organ, Mellotron, Chamberlain, Glockenspiel, Toy Piano, Fender Rhodes, Harmonium and vocals
Adam Duritz - Vocals, vocals, and more vocals (and NO piano for once - its all Charlie) David Bryson - Guitars, Banjo, Mandolin, Mandola, Toy Piano, and Vocals
Jim Bogios - Drums, Sleigh Bells, Hardbound Book, Tambourine, Maracas, Stomping on a Wooden Board, Banging his head against a wall, Slappin' his ass ... and Vocals
And Millard Powers - Bass Guitar, Upright Double Bass, general all-around unflappable musical genius ... and Vocals


Ben Mize - Drums on "Los Angeles" and parts of "Sundays" (Drums on "Sundays" are played by both Jim AND Ben)
Matt Malley - Bass Guitar on "Sundays"
Dave Gibbs - Vocal Arrangements and Background Vocals on the bridge of "Los Angeles"
Dennis Herring - Dobro and Acoustic Guitar on "Sundays"
Brian Deck - Whatever you call climbing inside a grand piano & playing it like a harp - he did THAT at the end of "Le Ballet d'Or"

Saturday Nights Background Vocal Arrangements were based for the most part, though not entirely, on compositions spawned in the twisted, yelping, whooping (yet still Immerific) mind of David Immergluck, (whose Immerfic-ness was aided by some timely recording help from Robert Hawes at Neptunes Broiler Studio in LA), but everyone else helped out too, albeit with less actual "spawning"

“Anyone But You" Brass Section Composed, Arranged, and Played (off the top of his head, at the last minute, without the use of any actual Brass) by ad (w/some Immerific inspiration)

Tour Manager, Maker of the Tea, guy who generally keeps it all together, and all-around stone cold killer, Tom Mullally
Studio Road Tech Crew, Chip Carter, Kory Carter and AJ Srybnik (for a little while) but mostly, AND ALWAYS, the great and powerful (and utterly indispensable) Billy "Sweet William" Thomson

Executive Producer, Gary Gersh
Studio Production Co-ordinator: Aimee Tyo
The Under Assistant East Coast Sequencing Woman: Cindi Berger

Body Blows administered by: Joe Rivera, Pat Manocchia, and Greg Peters


Lyrics reprinted with permission. Published by EMI Blackwood Music, Inc. (BMI) / Jones Fall Music (BMI) except "Los Angeles" published by EMI Blackwood Music, Inc. (BMI) / Jones Fall Music (BMI), Barland Music (BMI) administered by Bug (2008), and Feed The Pony Music (BMI)

Adam - I mostly just want to thank my family (mom, dad, Nicole, Mark, Dylan & Sam) and all my friends. Y'all know damn well who you are. I also really want to thank Gil and Brian and James for understanding me and for sticking by ourr vision for this album in the face of pretty much universal disapproval. Records SHOULD be what they're MEANT to be. Everything else is, well, someone else's shite record. I want to thank Millard for just being Millard (pal, you are the joint), Lisa LeBarre & Alicia Suarez & Ehud Lazin for caring so much for so long and Ryan Adams, Dave Gibbs, Chris Carrabba, and Ryan Ross for. well, just a lot. Oh, and please check out my online magazine Down the Rabbit Hole - Adam's Picks land other assorted crap).

You can find it at http://www.DownTheRabbitHoleMagazine.com

Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings is dedicated to Selma Feldman, "Jonny Legs" Comras, and Kim Ward, the three people in my life who'll never get to hear it. The world would be a much grayer place w/o grandmas and bootleggers and angels and it's a hell of a lot duller w/o the three of you. Ya got no idea how much I miss you. so much that I forgot there was such a thing as a summertime until New York City and a New Year came along to remind me. Maybe this one WILL be better than the last...  

Charles Gillingham would like to thank Nikki, Dash and Josie Gillingham.

Dan Vickrey
would like to thank Gil for being Gil .... It was great drinkin with you. again! My friends and family who help me keep what sanity I have left. Michael Indelicato for helping me expand my guitar collection. Last, but not least, the crew for all their hard work, and Tom for his banter and tea making which will no doubt help in the survivial process for the tour to come. Oh ... and The Beatles .... Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!!!!

David Bryson wants to thank Sally and Scout

Jim Bogios - My heart Sara Dornisch who is always with me every step of the way. Me Mum and Dad, Cousin C & Dean. The Biehl-Davis family for the endless love and support, Paul-Paul, John & Claudia Soto (Homey!), Sheryl Crow, Ben Folds, Amy Grant &.Band, Chuck Prophet, Marsha Tokuyoshi, Matt Rubinstein, Ken Coomer, Aidan Hawken, JJ Wiesler and Glider.

David Immergluck - The Camper Van Beethoven/Cracker extended family of demented excellence, Monks of Doom, Glider, Don Smith, Sean Smith, Bill "the pusherman" Thomson. Ehud Lazin, Mary King, The Ramblers NYC, Truetone Music … watered regularly at dba (amongst ohhh so many others), fueled for decades by Meal Ticket (Berkeley, CA) … Jonny “legs” Comras R.I.P.

Counting Crows also thanks:

C.F. Martin & Co., D'Addario & Co. Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc., Fishman Transducers, Inc., Gibson Guitars, Fender Guitars, Ernie Ball/ Music Man. 30th Street Guitars. True Tone Music., F.S.P. crews. Killer Vintage. Soundline, Inc. Rockit Cargo Levy's Leathers. Line6. Peterson Tuners. Seymour Duncan pickups. NYC Guitar Center. D'amico Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks, Remo Drum Heads, LP Percussion. Baldwin Pianos, Furman Sound. DW Hardware and Pedals, Mitch Rose, Rob Light, Robert Norman, Allison McGregor and Carrie Ledbetter at Creative Artists Agency, Tristan Coopersmith and Margot Nason for CAA Intelligence Group. Cindi Berger, Jauren Auslander and Bianca Bianconi for PMK ... and Ron Johnson, Paul Costa, Paul Fradin, & Ronnie Rios - because this record never even gets finished without you guys

Photography, Danny Clinch

Design, GraphicTherapy, Harlem USA

Management, Gary Gersh and Aimee Tyo for TAO/The Artists Organization



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The Empire State Building design is a trademark of Empire State Building Company, LLC and is used with permission. (P) © 2008 Geffen Records. All Rights Reserved.

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