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Sex With Strangers

Everyone Has To Meet Somewhere


Student Nurse


Cricket Bat

Higher Education



Red Nose Day

Falling Down

Pretty But Not Beautiful

Written by John Waring except “Everyone Has To Meet Somewhere” written by Martin Hall, “Higher Education,” “Clockwatching” and “Falling Down” written by Thom Allott.

The Gresham Flyers:

John Waring – Vocals, Guitar
Sharon Leach – Vocals, Keyboards
Martin Hall – Guitar
Thom Allott – Bass, Backing Vocals
Andrew Newman – Keyboards, Drums
Kerry Edmonds – Drums, Keyboards
James Agnew – Isn’t on this album (but will be on the next one)

Keyboards: Rhodes, MicroKorg, Farfisa, Hammond, Andrew’s Home-Made Synthesiser.

Produced by The Gresham Flyers & Simon Trought

Recorded, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Simon Trought at Soup Studios, London between April 2006 and April 2007.

Thanks to all involved in the creation of this album.

Thanks also due to: our families, Sally Irvine, Sean Price, Ian Watson, David Kitchen, Sam Metcalf, Jess Rowson, Dan Morton, Helen Bygrave, Sarah Carter, Kate Turner, Elisabetta Pezzaioli, Katrina Lee, Lauren Smith, Dave Smith, Jon Dear, Kristin Mitchell, Tricia Stubberfield, Ashley Spurgeon Management, The David O’Brien Badge Company, MJ Hibbett, The Rachael Neiman Experience, Wintergreen, The Chemistry Experiment, The Features, and Strange Idols.  And the inhabitants of the Bowlie.com message board.

Special thanks and love to Dan, Andrew and Kerry from the rest of the band.

Photography and Art by Indiehorse

© 2008 The Gresham Flyers
The copyright in the recording is owned by The Gresham Flyers and licenced to Cherryade Records.  All rights of the manufacturer and owner reserved.  Unauthorised copying, broadcast or public performance of this record is strictly prohibited.


The album you’re looking at right now was made by The Gresham Flyers between April 2006 and April 2007.  At the time of writing this, the album isn’t totally finished.  We still need to master it, sequence it, agree on a suitable title, design album artwork and write these notes.  But we’ve finished recording, and all the rest is falling into place.  By the time you read this, we’ll have done those things.  That’s quite exciting.

The album was made at Soup Studios, in the basement of a ukulele shop just off Brick Lane, mostly on Saturdays, then a few evenings for mixing.  Simon Trought runs the studio, and he helped us put this together.  We highly recommend you consider using him if you’re in a band and you want to record.

During 2006, The Gresham Flyers were John Waring (vocals, guitar), Sharon Leach (vocals, keyboards), Martin Hall (guitar), Andrew Newman (keyboards, drums), Thom Allott (bass, backing vocals) and Kerry Edmonds (drums, keyboards).  We made this album entirely by ourselves, with only Simon helping out on with production and engineering.  As well as the instruments we normally play, we also swap around sometimes – it makes a song sound better, and it’s fun.

Sharon stuck to her trusty MicroKorg for most of the songs, and John played nearly all the guitar solos, but everyone else played bass on at least one track – Martin on Foolscap and Student Nurse, Andrew on Suits, Kerry on Red Nose Day.  Andrew, in addition to constructing and playing his own synthesiser, played drums on a few songs like Shiftwork or Red Nose Day while Kerry played bass or synth or glockenspiel.  While the others played bass, Thom played percussion, guitar or keyboard parts (like the lead guitar on Student Nurse and Red Nose Day, or the Rhodes and MicroKorg on Foolscap).  It’s boring to detail all the changes, but if you want a full list of who did what, feel free to contact us through our website (www.thegreshamflyers.com) and we’ll tell you.

Kerry and Andrew have both left the band – Kerry’s not on Shiftwork (which is a different recording to the single version we put out in 2006), so John played the synth part.  James Agnew joined the band in Kerry’s place, but not in time to record with us.  He’s not on this album, but he’ll be on our next one.  Andrew left just after we finished the album, so he’s on everything.  However, no-one can replace Andrew, so we’ve decided to stay as a five-piece.

The recording sessions were always quite good fun.  Most of the basic tracks were recorded live with the drums, bass and main guitar, and the rest added later.  Sometimes things didn’t go according to plan, but that sometimes added some excitement.  Suits for example, went down in one take while Red Nose Day took a few extra sessions to get right.  We got to add some fun instruments that we found in the studio, or from the ukulele shop upstairs, like electric piano, acoustic guitar and banjo, plus we also used a bass that belongs to The Clientele for Student Nurse and Falling Down.  Once it was time for the vocals, someone would go to the off-licence and get some beer or wine for John and Sharon, who both insist they sing better after a couple of drinks.  Thom did some backing vocals, but he says he’s not as good a singer as John or Sharon, so he does the undemanding shouty bits and the low part of the harmony.  We’d then let Simon work his magic on what we’d put down, and eventually the tracks would turn into the sparkling gems that comprise this album.

If you’ve read all this and not heard the album, it may have put you off; please don’t be, because it’s really very good.  I think we’d all say it’s one of the best things we’ve achieved in our lives.  We hope you think so.  Why not tell us what you think by emailing us on info@thegreshamflyers.com with your thoughts about it.  If you don’t like it, don’t worry, we won’t mind.  You can’t please everyone.

Happy listening,
The Gresham Flyers
1st May 2007

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