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Sign O The Times
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Paisley Park 9 25577-2

Disc One:

1. Sign O’ The Times 5:02

2. Play In The Sunshine 5:05
Background Voice by Susannah

3. Housequake 4:38
Party Voice by Gilbert D., Coke J., Todd H., Susan R., Mike S., Brad M., and The Penguin
Lead Vocal by Camille

4. The Ballad of Dorothy Parker 4:04

5. It 5:10

6. Starfish and Coffee 2:51
Background Voice by Susannah

7. Slow Love 4:18
Strings Arranged by Claire Fischer
Guitar and Backing Voice by Wendy
Backing Voice by Lisa

8. Hot Thing 5:39

9. Forever In My Life 3:38

Disc Two:

1. U Got The Look 3:58
Vocals by Sheena Easton and Camille
Drums and Percussion by Sheila E.

2. If I Was Your Girlfriend 4:54
Lead Vocal by Camille

3. Strange Relationship 4:04
Lead Vocal by Camille
Sitar and Wooden Flute by Lisa
Tambourines and Congas by Wendy

4. I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man

5. The Cross 4:46

6. It’s Gonna Be A Beautiful Night 8:59
Recorded live in Paris by Prince and The Revolution
Co-Lead Voice by Susannah & Bill Jones
Percussion and Transmississippirap by Sheila E.
Lead Guitar by Mico Weaver
Backing Voice by Greg Brooks, Wally Safford, Jerome Benton and 6,000 Wonderful Parisians

7. Adore

Created and Mixed at Paisley Park, Sunset Sound and Dierks Studio Mobile Trucks

Engineered by Susan Rogers, Coke Johnson & Prince

Originally mastered by Bernie Grundman

Cover and Innersleeve Photos by Jeff Katz

Art Direction by Laura LiPuma

Personal Management by Cavallo, Ruffalo & Fargnoli

All saxophone by Eric Leeds
All trumpet by Atlanta Bliss

All songs written by Prince except, “Starfish and Coffee,” Lyrics co-written by Susannah “Slow Love” Lyrics co-written by Carol Davis “It’s Gonna Be A Beautiful Night” music co-written by Dr. Fink and Eric Leeds All song © 1987 Controversy Music ASCAP All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

Thank U, Susannah, Eric, Susan, Cocke, Todd, Brad, Atlanta, Bob, Joe, Steve, Sheena, Carol D. Camille, Jill Jones, Wendy, Lisa, Bobby, Dr. Fink and Mark, Brooks, Wally & Jerome, Mico, Alan Leeds, Karen Krattinger, my friend Gilbert, Rande, Sheila E., Murray & Lillian, Sunset Sound, Paisley Park, Jeff Katz, Bernie G., Claire Fischer, Cubby and the Crew, Miles D., Fred M., Lee Phillips, Duane Nelson, Abba John the Trecherous, Laura L., Paris, France, Beth and her cohorts, Jiji, my patient Mother, Mattie, Billy Sparks, Quentin Perry and Mojo. Susan Hale and all the purple boys and girls, soon the boat will sail and take us all away.
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