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Songs About Jane
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Songs About Jane ___________________________________________________

Maroon 5
Songs About Jane

1. Harder To Breathe

2. This Love

3. Shiver

4. She Will Be Loved

5. Tangled

6. The Sun

7. Must Get Out

8. Sunday Morning

9. Secret

10. Through With You

11. Not Coming Home

12. Sweetest Goodbye


Maroon 5

Adam Levine: vocal/guitar
Ryan Dusick: drums/vocals
Jesse Carmichael: keyboards/vocals
James Valentine: guitar
Mickey Madden: bass

Produced and mixed by Matt Wallace
Additional production and mixing on “This Love” by Mark Endert
“Harder To Breathe” Mixed by Michael Barbiero

Engineered by Mike Landolt
Recorded at Rumbo Recorders, Can Am Recorders & The Hook, Los Angeles, CA.
Mixed at Can Am Recorders, Track Record and Soundtracks Studios/Assistant Engineers: Posie Muliadi and Danny Wright
Mastered by Leon Zervos at Masterdisk; New York, NY
Management: Jordan Feldstein, Career Artist Management
A&R: Ben Berkman

Legal: Jeff Worob, Esq.
Business Management: Richard Feldstein for Nigro Karlin Segal & Feldstein, LLP
Booking Agency: Carol Kinzel and Brian Manning for Creative Artist Agency
Mangement Consultant: Matt Waldstein

Art Direction: cey adams
Illustrations: Gregg Gordon for gigart.com
Photography: Bobby Carmichael and Chris McCann (www.wray-mccann.com)


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Harder To Breathe
(A. Levine/J. Carmichael)
Programmed by: Bruce Smith
Background Vocals: Ryan Dusick

This Love
(A. Levine/J. Carmichael)

(A. Levine/J. Carmichael)
Programmed by: John O’Brien

She Will Be Loved
(A. Levine/J. Valentine)
Programmed by: Sam Farrar

(A. Levine)
Programmed by: Bruce Smith
Background Vocals: Rashida Jones

The Sun
(A. Levine)

Must Get Out
(A. Levine/J. Carmichael)

Sunday Morning

(A. Levine/J. Carmichael)
Programmed by: Jon O’Brien
Horns: Mark K. Schoenecker
Background Vocals: Mystic

(A. Levine/J. Carmichael)
Background Vocals: Rashida Jones

Recorded live @ Rumbo Stadium
Sweetest Goodbye
(A. Levine)
Background Vocals: Jesse Carmichael

All songs published by Careers-BMG Music Publishing, Inc. / February Twenty Second Music, Inc., Adm. by Careers-BMG Music Publishing, Inc. (BMI), Valentine, Valentine adm. by BMG Songs, Inc. (ASCAP)

Mystic appears courtesy of Goodvibe Recordings

(P) © 2007 Octoscope Music LLC/Marketed by A&M/Octone Records, 550 Broadway, NYC 10012 Manufactured and distributed in the USA by Universal Music Distribution. Warning: All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. 82376-50001



ADAM: Patsy, Fred, Michael, Phil, Lisa, Julia, Sam and the rest of my wonderful family. My amazing band, my amazing friends and Jane, my muse.

RYAN: Ken, Gina, Josh and the rest of my family, my band, Shantell, Jason F., Kelvin, Jordan, Jason L. Andy, Barry, Travis, Shawn, Sara and the rest of my friends.

JESSE: My loving family and friends and everyone who’s working hard to make the world a more compassionate place.

JAMES: Bob, Shauna, Chris, Lisa, Gina and Amanda Valentine. G. Scott, Barrett, Ryland Steen, Sean Beste, Yvonne Perea, Reel Big Fish, Vince Pileggi, Maggie Wells, Sav, Peter Bouffard, Dietze Music, Kara’s Flowers, Nebraska.

MICKEY: Thank you to all my family and friends and everybody who inspired me, especially Jesse.

Special Thanks: James Diener, Ben Berkman, David Boxenbaum, Jim Chambers, Andrew Suggs, Rebecca Olson and everyone at Octone Records, Matt Wallace, Mark Endert and Mike Landolt, Ken Dusick, Graham Nash and the Nash family. Nate Kunkel, Russ Kunkel, Savannah Buffet and the Buffet family, Yennie Cheung, Phil Lamboy, Nellie Kim, Chris Wray-McCann, Rashida Jones, Scott Francis, Chris O’Malley.

Thank yous: Sam Farrar, Aristotle, Sierra, Jake, Matt Waldenstein and the Waldstein family. The Feldstein family, Stacy Bernstein, Yarrow, Gary Phillips, Jeff Worob, Peter Lewit, Amand Cagan, everybody at BMG Distribution, everybody at J Records, Frank McDonough, Del Williams, Mark Fisher, Chris Stowers, Nadine Gelineau & Vicki Starr & Inge Colson and everyone at Girlie Action, Chris Elles and everyone at The Street Syndicate, Conway Studios, Amy & Orin at Rumbo Recorders, Michael Barbiero, Heather Hawkins, Gary Gunton, Nikki at the Roxy, Leah at The Whisky, Lynda and Frank at The Viper Room, Paul at the Troubadour, The Westwood Brew Co., and all the L.A. Clubs, Eric Greenspan, Bill Boji Wong, Amy Sacco, Nile Rodgers, Evan Bogart, Walt Taylor, Todd Bird, Alex Koustas and everybody at BAT Management, Mystic, Goodvibe Records, Blake Myers, Stephen Memel, Paul Moses and everybody at Gibson, Alex Ross and Supreme Entertainment, Eyal, Evan & Jaron, Jordan Burger, Stephen Brush, Howard Lipson, Larry Fink, Michael Sacks, Mike Krebs and everybody at House Of Blues, Barbara Cane and everybody at BMI, Phantom Planet, Nikka Costa, Marl Weinhoff, Rooney, Yu-Ting Lin, Brandon Creed, Sean, Peter Shapiro & The Wetlands, Ron Mesh, Pat Magnarella, the Cavallo family, Brian Moghadam, The Street Team, Posey, Danny, Dana Kavailer, Rene Mata and Reach, Michelle Branch, Jeff Rabhan, Nicole at HITS, Allen Lenard, Bruce Smith, Jon O’Brien, Perry Margouleff & Pie Studios, Tomas and Audrey at Lex Deux Cafes, Nancy Benson, Leanne Hard and Kelly Amador from Provident, Rosa McNelly @ PIC Color Labs.

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