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1. The Heart of Rock & Roll 5:01
(J. Colla/H. Lewis)
Hulex Music - Admin, Red Admiral Music (BMI)

2. Heart and Soul 4:10
(M. Chapman/N. Chinn) Chinnichap Publishing - Admin, Careers Music (BMI)

3. Bad Is Bad 3:46
(A. Call/J. Ciambotti/S. Hopper/H. Lewis/J. McFee/M. Schriner) Unichappell Music (BMI)

4. I Want A New Drug 4;46
(C. Hayes/H. Lewis) Hulex Music - Admin, Red Admiral Music (BMI)

5. Walking On A Thin Line 4:46
(A. Pessis/K. Wells) Endless Frogs Music - Admin, Bug Music (ASCAP)/Slimey Limey Music (BMI)/McNoodle Music (BMI)

6. Finally Found A Home 3:42
(C. Hayes/H. Lewis/B. Brown) Hulex Music - Admin, Red Admiral Music (BMI)

7. If This Is It 3:46
(J. Colla/H. Lewis) Hulex Music - Admin, Red Admiral Music (BMI)

8. You Crack Me Up 3:39
(M. Cipollina/H. Lewis) Hulex Music - Admin, Red Admiral Music (BMI)

9. Honky Tonk Blues 3:16
(H. Williams) Hiriam Music/Rightsong Music (BMI)/Fred Rose Music, Inc. (BMI)

Produced by Huey Lewis and The News

Band Personnel:

Huey Lewis: Vocals & Harmonica
Mario Cipollina: Bass
Johnny Colla: Vocals, Saxophone, Guitar
Bill Gibson: Drums, Vocals, Percussion
Chris Hayes: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Sean Hopper: Keyboards, Vocals

Additional Musician Credits:
John McFee: Pedal Steel, Guitar on "Honky Tonk Blues"

Recorded by: Jim Gaines
Additional Engineering by: Jeffrey (Nik) Norman
Recorded at: Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA and The Plant Studios, Sausalito, CA

Assistant Engineers: Jeffrey (Nik) Norman, Jesse Osborne
Additional Recording: The Automatt, San Francisco, CA
Mixed by: Bob Clearmountain at Power Station, New York, NY

"I Want A New Drug" Mixed by Larry Alexander
Assistant Engineer: Bob Greenberg
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, New York, NY

Creative Director/Cover Art: Bennett Hall
Handtinted Photography and Photo Montage: Bennett Hall
Graphic/Logo Design: Bunny Design: Bunny Zaruba
Management: Bob Brown
Booking Agent: Monterey Peninsula Artists
Correspondence: P.O. Box 819, Mill Valley, CA 94942
Sound: Mark Deadman
Crew: Terry Persons, "Bugsy" Moran, Ralph Arista, Jeff Alder

Special Thanks: Sidney Conroy, Jane Brown, Chuck Lutz, Dino, Mike Duke, Diane Duarte & Nike, Earl Mederos, Jerry Pfeffer & Sound On Stage, Goose & The Deuce.

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