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The Aristocats


From the Walt Disney Studio
The Story of The Aristocats

Songs by Phil Harris
Disneyland Records


Narration by Sterling Holloway with members of the original cast

The Story -- The Music -- The Songs
Plus An 11-page book of full-color illustrations as shown here


Stereophonic 3995


“The Aristocats” - Mike Sammes Singers

(Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman)

“Scales and Arpeggios” - Robie Lester, Susan Novack, Gregory Novack, Victor Sweler and Mike Sammes Singers

(Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman)

“Thomas O’Malley Cat” - Phil Harris

(Terry Gilkyson)




“Ev’rybody Wants to be a Cat” - Phil Harris

(Floyd Huddleston and Al Rinker)

“She Never Felt Alone” - Robie Lester

(Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman)

Reprise: “Ev’rybody Wants to be a Cat” - Phil Harris

(Floyd Huddleston and Al Rinker)


Copyright © 1970 Walt Disney Productions

Printed in U.S.A.


Madame Adelaide Bonfamille thought so much of her beautiful cat Duchess and Duchess’ three kittens--Marie, Toulouse, and Berlioz--that she decided to leave all her money to them. Her old friend and lawyer, Georges Hautecourt, drew up a will--an arrangement which was not at all to the liking of her butler, Edgar.

If something should happen to the cats, Edgar would be the next to inherit Madame’s fortune. So Edgar mixed a sleeping potion into the cat’s food. They were soon fast asleep--and so was their friend, Roquefort the mouse.

Edgar scooped up the cats and put them into a large basket. Then, under cover of darkness, he put the basket in the sidecar of his old motorcycle and sped out into the countryside.

Two hound dogs--Napoleon and Lafayette--heard Edgar coming. They already had a busy day--six tires bitten; four motor cars, a bicycle and a scooter chased. Even so, Edgar and his squeaky motorcycle were too much to resist.

It was quite a battle. Edgar’s motorcycle went in one direction--the sidecar, another. The basket with Duchess and her kittens came to rest under a bridge. Then the dogs chased Edgar most of the way back to Paris!

The next morning--after a stormy night--who should come along but Abraham de Lacy Giuseppe Casey Thomas O’Malley--an alley cat. He was much taken with Duchess and her kittens. He got them all a ride back tot he city by stopping a passing milk truck!

The driver of the truck objected to the cats drinking his milk and chased them off his truck. After a scary adventure on a railway trestle and an encounter with two sister geese from London--O’Malley, Duchess and the kittens reached Paris.

O’Malley’s home was a welcome place to rest. It wasn’t quiet, though. Scat Cat and his musician friends came to visit. There was an exciting jam session with singing and horn playing and dancing. Then Duchess put the sleepy kittens to bed.

When the cats came marching through the cat door of Madame’s house, Edgar was waiting on the other side to catch them! Then he put them in a trunk.

O’Malley, Frou-Frou, Scat Cat and the alley cats saved the day. Duchess and her kittens were soon out of the trunk, and Edgar was in it. The trunk was put on a truck, the truck drove away, and that was that!

Madame Bonfamille welcomed O’Malley into the family and ordered Georges to set up a new foundation--making her townhouse a home for all the alley cats of Paris. Scat Cat and his friends put on a jazz concert in honor of the occasion.

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