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The Family (1999)

The Del McCoury Band
The Family

Ceili Music
CD 2001

1. A Far Cry  (2:37)
(Mike & Jan Dowling)
Pinspotter Music (ASCAP)

2. Don’t You Think It’s Time To Go (2:16) 
(Mark Simos)
Devachan Music (ASCAP)

3. The Look Of A Perfect Diamond (2:29)
(Del McCoury)
Happy Valley Music (BMI)

4. Backslidin’ Blues (3:29)
(Vernon Thompson/Billy Smith)
EMI April Music Publishing (ASCAP)

5. Nashville Cats (3:41)
(John Sebastian)
Alley Music Corp/Trio Music Co., Inc (BMI)

6. Get Down On Your Knees And Pray (3:43)
(Bill Monroe)
Unichappell Music, Inc., (BMI)

7. Red Eyes On A Mad Dog
(Ronnie McCoury)
McCoury Sons Music (BMI)

8. 50/50 Chance (2:55)
(Del McCoury)
McCoury Music (BMI)

9. City Of Stone (3:59)
(Mark Simos)
Devachan Music (BMI)

10. On The Lonesome Wind
(Billy Smith/Ronnie McCoury)
EMI April Music Publishing (ASCAP)/McCoury Sons Music (BMI)

11. She’s Left Me Again (2:52)
(Jimmy Martin)
Cedarwood Publishin (BMI)

12. Cryin’ Heart Blues (2:59)
Joe Brown

Produced by Jerry Douglas
Co-Produced by Ronnie McCoury

The Del McCoury Band would like to thank: Tony Williamson, D’Addario, Grassroots Media, Chad Hailey, R.S. Field, Eddie Stubbs, Linda Edell, Scott Rouse, Kevin Clark, Snuffy Smith, Jerry Douglas, George Chestnut, J.D. Rhynes, Keith Case & Associates, Kevin Howell, Andy Cartoun, Dan Henderson, Bobby Cudd and Monterey Artists, Steve Earle, Dan Gillis, and everyone at E’. Special Thanks to: Ricky Skaggs, Stan Strickland, Jean McCoury, Rhonda McCoury, Allison McCoury, Lisa McCoury, Heather Carter, The Kennedys, The Bliss’, Andrea Compton, RS Entertainment and Rainmaker.

This album is dedicated to my two grandsons, Jacob and Evan.

Recorded at Masterlink, Scruggs Sound, Trace Sound, Hum Depot and Monkey Finger

Mixed at Masterlink
Engineered by Brad Hartman
On The Lonesome Wind Engineered by Kurt Storey
Assistant Engineer H. David Hinson
Mastered at Final Stage by Randy Leroy
Photography by Jim “Senor” McGuire
Art Direction and Design by Stan Strickland and Crystal Dunn

Del McCoury: Lead and Tenor Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Ronnie McCoury:
Mandolin, Vocals
Rob McCoury: Banjo, Vocals
Jason Carter: Fiddle, Vocals
Mike Bub:
Bass, Vocals

Jerry Douglas: Dobro, Baritone on Cryin’ Heart Blues
Bobby Osbourne: Tenor on Don’t You Think It’s Time To Go
Bela Fleck: Baritone on A Far Cry

Management: Stan Strickland Rainmaker/RS Entertainment

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