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The Joshua Tree
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The Joshua Tree _____________________________________________________________________

Island 7 90581-2

1. Where The Streets Have No Name* (5:37)

2. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

3. With Or Without You* (4:56)

4. Bullet The Blue Sky* (4:32)

5. Running To Stand Still (4:18)

6. Red Hill Mining Town (4:52)

7. In God’s Country (2:57)

8. Trip Through Your Wires

9. One Tree Hill (5:23)

10. Exit (4:13)

11. Mothers Of The Disappeared (5:14)

Produced by Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno

Words: Bono

*Mixed by Steve Lillywhite

Backing Vocals: The Edge, Eno, Lanois
DX7 Programmes and Keyboards: Eno
Tambourine/Omnichord/**Additional Rhythm Guitar: Daniel Lanois

Harmonica: Bono
One Tree Hill-Radd Strings.
Recorded by Bob Doidge
Played by the Armin family.

Red Hill Mining Town – the Arklow Silver Band.

Red Hill Mining Town – Brass
Arranged and Conducted by Paul Barrett

Studio Crew: Joe O’Herlily, Des Broadberry, Tom Mullally, Tim Buckley, Marc Coleman, Mary Gough, Marion Smyth Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen, Jnr.

Recorded by Flood

Additional Engineering by Dave Meegan with Pat McCarthy
Mix Engineered by Mark Wallace
Assisted by Mary Kettle

Manager: Paul McGuinness
Principle Management, Dublin: Anne-Louise Kelly
Principle Management, New York: Ellen Darst

Thanks to: Dennis Sheehan, Steve Iredale, Peter Williams, Cillina Guidera, Barbara Galavan, Brigid Mooney, Caroline Ashe, Cecelia Coffey and Frank Coffey, Keryn Kaplan, Pat Murphy, Gavin Friday, Guggi, Charlie Whisker, Osmond J. Kilkenny III, Brian Murphy, Robbie Wootton, Little Steven and Jimmy Iovine (Grazie), T-Bone Burnett, Irene Keogh, Aislinn, Pearse and Katina, Paddy Dunne, David Badstone, Metle Wheeler, Owen Epstein, Ron McGilvray, John Clark, (Irish) Bill Graham, Bob Lanois, Terry and Joy Stewart, Pete Gray, Paul Barrett and Sound Track Services, Chris Parkes

Drums, Keyboards, Outboard Equipment: Yamaha
Cymbals: Paiste
Sticks: Pro Mark
Strings: Superwound, Rotosound – James Howe Industries

Infinite Guitar invented by Michael Brook

(Part of this album was recorded on Edge’s Amek Mixing Console).

Recorded and Mixed at Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin.

Photography by Anton Corbijn.
Design and Layout by Steve Averill.

Artwork by The Creative Dept., Ltd., Dublin.

To The Memory of Greg Carroll 1960-1986

Join Amnesty International
IRISH SECTION: 8 Shaw Street, Dublin 2.
BRITISH SECTION: 5 Roberts Place, Bowling Green Lane, London EC18 1HE
USA SECTION: P.O. Box 37137, Washington D.C. 20013

All lyrics © 1987 Chappell Music/U2, (ASCAP) All rights reserved. Used by Permission.

U2 World Service, Propaganda etc., S.A.E. to: (North America) P.O. Box 806, New York, New York 10028, U.S.A.

(Rest of the World) Propaganda, P.O. Box 48, London N6 5RV, England
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