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The Lost Years (2008)

This new 3-CD compilation from David Marks is a long-awaited release.

The below statement is from Carrie Marks, David's wife:

"To add to all the other exciting news about upcoming (Beach Boy related) releases, David Mark’s collection, The Lost Years is now available for sale on his website, DavidLeeMarks.com

We ended up with more than 2 CDs worth of material so David decided to shuffle things around and add a few more tracks and ended up with just under 3 hours of music on 3 CDs.
Disc One features 17 tracks worth of David Marks & the Marksmen!  The CD features a wide variety of recordings...including never-before-heard songs and studio out-takes.
Disc Two includes recordings from "Lost Years" - with over an hours worth of unreleased recordings, historic jams, demos, alternate versions and studio out-takes from the Moon, the Flies and David's unreleased "Low key Intensity" tracks featuring his own arrangements of his favorite Beach Boys songs…and more.
Disc Three is a bonus compilation CD of nearly 2 dozen of David's favorite tracks from his released solo catalog. Starting with Gary Montgomery's Angie by the Colours and closing with the full I Think About You Often CD from last year...this is a great CD that highlights David's evolution as singer, songwriter and musician.
For anyone who has read The Lost Beach Boy, this collection is basically your audio guide to the book and includes most of the songs Jon Stebbins details during the story.  For those of you who haven't read the book yet, the CD and book (both signed) are available through DavidLeeMarks.com...bought together, they are a great way to unravel the mystery of the Lost Beach Boy

A complete Track Listing can be found on DavidLeeMarks.com and 4 tracks from the collection are currently available on David’s MySpace page at MySpace.com/DavidMarks."

You can use any of the above links to David's website to purchase the album or find the Liner Notes (or use the link below to go directly to the Liner Notes).

I definitely think that you should check this set out!

David Lee Marks: The Lost Years

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