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There Is Nothing Left

Foo Fighters
There Is Nothing Left To Lose

RCA Records
07863 67912-2

1. Stacked Actors (4:17)

2. Breakout (3:21)

3. Learn To Fly (3:58)

4. Gimme Stitches (3:42)

5. Generator 93:48)

6. Aurora (5:50)

7. Live-In Skin (3:53)*

8. Next Year (4:37)

9. Headwires (4:38)

10. Ain't It The Life

11. M.I.A. (4:03)


Produced by Adam Kasper and Foo Fighters

Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Studios

Written by Foo Fighters
Published by M.J. Twelve Music, Flying EarForm Music, Living Under A Rock Music; Administered by EMI Virgin Songs, Inc., (BMI)

Recorded by Adam Kasper at Studio 606, Virginia, Spring 1999

Additional Recording at Conway Studios, Los Angeles
Mixed by Adam Kasper at Conway Studios, July 1999
Assistant Mixing Engineer at Conway Studios: John Nelson

*Mixed by Andy Wallace at Larrabee Studios, Los Angeles
Assistant Mixing Engineer at Larrabee Studios: Ted Reiger

This album was made in Virginia.

Art Direction: Henry Marquez and Foo Fighters
Package Design: P.R. Brown @ Bau-Da Design Lab, Inc.

Photos: Danny Clinch
Management: G.A.S. Entertainment Co.


Foo Fighters are: John Silva, Gary Gersh, Gus Brandt, Bethann Buddenbaum, John Cutcliffe, Michael Meisel, Adam Kasper, Jill Berliner, JJ, Andy Wallace, Krist Novoselic, John Nelson, The Grohl Family, The Hawkins Family, Michelle Bedrick, Craig Overbay, Ian Beveridge, John Kleemola, The Stahl Family, The Basich Family, Nixon Watches, Stewart Copeland, Hard.C.Ore, Rich Creason, Pantera, Verbena, Earnie Bailey, Tos Niewenhuizen, Nasty Little Man, Anton Brookes, Jimmy Swanson, Paul Masterbone, Lisa Grohl, Lee Johnson, Catheryn Suko, Dou Dou, Preston Gates Construction, Alan Sides, Henry Fields, Sound City Studios, Trouble Queen, Black Cat D.C., Richard Gibson, Gabby Skolnk, Tenacious D, Black Sabbath, AMC Automoblies, Tim Gabor, Everyone at Bullrun, Geoff Turner, Chickdaddy, Mates Rehearsal
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