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Toy Matinee (2001 CD)

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Toy Matinee
Toy Matinee (Special Edition)

Unitone Recordings

1. Last Plane Out (5:12)
Patrick Leonard, Kevin Gilbert and Guy Pratt
© 1990 No Tomato Music/Lemonjello Music/Canvas Mattress Music/WB Music Corp. ASCAP & Warner/Chappell Music Ltd. (PRS)
Mixed by Bill Bottrell and Kevin Gilbert at The Grey Room

2. Turn It One Salvador
Patrick Leonard, Kevin Gilbert and Guy Pratt
© 1990 No Tomato Music/Lemonjello Music/Canvas Mattress Music/WB Music Corp. ASCAP & Warner/Chappell Music Ltd. (PRS)

3. Things She Said (4:58)
Patrick Leonard, Kevin Gilbert and Guy Pratt
© 1990 No Tomato Music/Lemonjello Music/Canvas Mattress Music/WB Music Corp. ASCAP & Warner/Chappell Music Ltd. (PRS)

4. Remember My Name (5:16)
Patrick Leonard, Kevin Gilbert and Bill Bottrell
© 1990 No Tomato Music/Lemonjello Music/Canvas Mattress Music/Ignorant Music ASCAP

5. The Toy Matinee
Patrick Leonard, Kevin Gilbert and Guy Pratt
© 1990 No Tomato Music/Lemonjello Music/Canvas Mattress Music/WB Music Corp. ASCAP & Warner/Chappell Music Ltd. (PRS)

6. Queen of Misery

7. The Ballad of Jenny Ledge

8. There Was A Little Boy (5:33)

9. We Always Come Home (5:33)
Patrick Leonard © 1990 No Tomato Music/Lemonjello Music ASCAP

10. Eenitam Yot Eht (4:29)
Bonus Track

11. Blank Page
Kevin Gilbert ©1990 Canvas Mattress Music ASCAP
Bonus Track

12. Things She Said (5:13)
Bonus Track

13. There Was A Little Boy
Bonus Track

14. Last Plane Out (5:35)
Bonus Track


This album is dedicated to the memory of Kevin Gilbert

It's 1989.

I had served my five years and was up for parole.

I had just finished "Like a Prayer" with Madonna, and before that an album (actual vinyl) with Julian Lennon called "Mr. Jordan." I did my five at "Yuma" (my studio in Burbank), writing and playing, recording and arranging, programming, producing, and, in general, slaving over a hot console 8 to 10 hours a day, six days a week, for a veritable plethora of artists and projects, with little time off. So what would release me from my self-imposed studio incarceration?

What would be my reward for five years of good behavior?

Ahh ... a Band. (I must have been delirious.)

1 wanted to be in a band again. It had been years since I'd played with a band -- working out ideas together, writing music that might even (dare I say) present a challenge (more delirium). So, first I started writing ... actually the first thing I did was to buy a Rickenbacker guitar and a Fender amp, and take guitar lessons at a local music store. (I wanted to write on an instrument other than piano.)

I also took vocal lessons, though that didn't go so well. Then I wrote a few things, and it was time to start "the band" casting process.

I knew I wanted Guy Pratt and Tim Pierce. I knew I wanted Bill Bottrell to produce. I didn't want to produce. I (totally delusional) wanted to be in "the band."

Then I was asked to judge a band competition for Doug Buttleman and Yamaha. It was there that I first saw Kevin Gilbert. His band was called Giraffe. (They won.)

We met and discussed getting together.

We did. It seemed right.

He knew Brian MacLeod. And we were off and running.

There were a few bumps in the road, but somehow in three months time this record got made.

Last year I decided to re-release it and add some exposing moments in its evolution. I thought about including some of the early demos with me singing, but decided to spare you. (Be grateful)

The other "works in progress" seem to me to shed some light and sound good enough to be interesting. I hope you enjoy.

The past 10 years of life back at "Yuma" have been rewarding in lots of ways, but my parole is up soon. So it's almost time to do "the band" thing again.

Guy is in. Tim is in. Brian is in. I'm in (delusional as ever). I'd love to have Bill again.

And though Kevin has proven a tough act to follow, if we can ever find the right voice, (not mine I assure you) we'll make another record as a band.

I'm very proud of Toy Matinee and grateful to all that have kept the interest alive enough to justify re-releasing this - our first and (so far) only recording.

Patrick Leonard


"This CD you are holding is a re-released classic from ten years past.

Not classic in. the sense that it broke all sales records - It didn't. And not a classic in the sense that it had tons of hits from it - It didn't. But a classic in the sense that it had then, and it still has now, a sound that is unique. A 'Pop and Roll' record with an ability to catch your ear no matter how low the volume on the car radio is as you drive along.

"Kevin Gilbert, the singer/songwriter, is sadly no longer living.

Kevin was a dear friend of ours, and whenever Kevin brought new music of his to hear, we always knew that it would be undeniably Kevin. We didn't come to know Kevin’s solo music until after falling in love with this record.

"Toy Matinee was a combination of two talents: Kevin [Gilbert] and Patrick Leonard. Both men brought two very different talents and views to the table. The combination of all this talent is what makes for good listening. Last Plane Out will always be a classic on our show, as well as in our homes .. Listen for Julian Lennon on Turn It On Salvador, and Things She Said is one the boys are more than likely proud of.

But you will pick your favorite just as we did..

"Ten years has done nothing to dilute this effort. You will undoubtedly find it to be worth the money you spent and the time you will invest.

If this is the first time that you have heard this record, then we are jealous.

Enjoy as we did ... "

Mark and Brian
95.5 KLOS - Los Angeles


Toy Matinee is:

Kevin Gilbert - Lead and Background Vocals, Guitar and Keyboards
Patrick Leonard - Keyboards and Background Vocals

With lots of help from:

Brian MacLeod - Drums and Percussion
Tim Pierce - Guitars
Guy Pratt - Bass

Additional Background Vocals:
"Turn It On Salvador" - Julian Lennon
"Things She Said" - Julian Lennon, Derga McBroom
Occasional Background Vocals, Guitar and Percussion - Bill Bottrell
Sal's Clarinet Trio: Jon Clarke, Donald Markese, Jon Kip

All songs by Patrick Leonard and Kevin Gilbert
© 1990 No Tomato Music/Lemonjello Music/Canvas Mattress Music ASCAP except as indicated

Recorded by Bill Bottrell at Johnny Yuma Recording
Mixed by Bill Bottrell at Smoketree Ranch except as indicated

Second Engineers:
Michael Vail Blum at Johnny Yuma Recording;
Bob Salcedo, Elaine Anderson at Smoketree Ranch;
Micajab Ryan at The Grey Room

Drum Tech - John Good

Mastered by Steve Hall at Future Disc, Hollywood

Special Edition Mastering by Michael Verdick at Unitone Recordings

Executive Producer: Patrick Leonard

Production Coordinator - Ivy Skoff

Our Supporting Cast - Michael Ostin, Larry Fitzgerald, Mark Hartly, Doug Buttleman, Jody Graham, Lee Phillips, Ivy Skoff, Elisa Lane Spoliansky, Mara Wish Buttleman, Daisy Cobb, Peter Comita, Robert Ferris, Sal & Gala, Marc Moreau, Ron Remis, Rick Shoemaker, Laurie Soloman, Bob Stabile, Linda Leslie Stein, Pete Steinfeld, Nick Corello, Greg Stone, Ellen Wheeler, Jennifer Ledge, Jerry Swartz, Bob Von Thun, Michael Abowd, Chris Beveridge, Stan Cotey, J. Scott Smith, Doug Hopping, Hiro Murakami, Yamaha - Worldwide, Giorgio Armani - Chicago, Ed's Thrift Emporium - L.A.

Never-ending Support Crew - Jessica & Jordan Leonard, Bob & Betty Leonard, Paul & Elizabeth Gilbert

Photography: Alistair Thain

Art Direction: Jeri Heiden / Deborah Norcross
Design: Deborah Norcross

Special Edition Design: Michael Verdick

Julian Lennon appears courtesy of Atlantic Records



unitone recordings 13702~4603-2
(P) & © 2001 unitone recordings, LLC P.O. Box 260410, Encino, CA 91426-0410
Manufactured under license from Warner Bros. Records
Manufactured and Distributed by Rounder Records Group, One Camp Street, Cambridge, MA 02140

Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

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